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Is Youtuber Taylor r Dating a Boyfriend? Know About Her Affairs and Dating Rumors

Published Thu Mar 28 2019 By admin
Is Youtuber Taylor r Dating a Boyfriend? Know About Her Affairs and Dating Rumors

Taylor Richard aka 'Taylor R' is a Chinese model and blogger, born in Canada on December 14, 1988. She later moved on to China and started her modeling career.

The 30-years-old came into the limelight as a model in Hong Kong later got associated with ads in companies like Cosmo magazine, Antares, Sasa. Currently, there is a rumor about Taylor dating & relationship. Let's find out what:

Is Youtuber Taylor dating a boyfriend? 

Yes, currently Taylor is dating a guy named San. Taylor calls him "Elbow san" so does her followers in a youtube channel as Elbow San doesn't expose his face often in camera.

Though there are fewer details posted regarding San, Taylor mentioned in a video that he is from China. Taylor has her own youtube channel containing around 1 million subscribers. Taylor shared a video about her relationship and basically introducing her boyfriend Sam. Let's find out:

In the video, Taylor shares about her and San love life by interviewing San as he doesn't show his face. 

Taylor: "How did you meet me?"

San: Well, I know you because of our common friend on Facebook as I saw your picture and I wanted to talk to you. Then, I called your agency & I met your manager & we both started to chat on Facebook.

According to the sources the couple met in Japan as Taylor was traveling and living in Japan.

Taylor: Do you remember where we first met? 

San: Yeah, in a  Japanese restaurant Nobu in Tsim Tsa Tsui.

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Know About Her Affairs and Dating Rumors

Taylor and San to have a quite good bonding with each other as she often admires San determination and hard work. I fell in love via facebook messages and San matured talks said, Taylor.

After dating for 5 years San proposed Taylor for engagement on August 2018. Find out what Taylor response in the clip down below:

Taylor accepted San proposal now they are a happily engaged couple. She even posted a clip of them currently moving to Canada.

As mentioned by Taylor in a video about San when a fan asked her about San profession and their bonding, San replied 
"I own a company and its related to digital media and I am happy as I met my soul mate."

So, what do you think about their relationship? Seems like both of them are enjoying each other company isn't it?