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YouTuber KathleenLights Earns Well From Her Profession; Has Managed a Satisfying Net Worth

Published Fri Jul 12 2019 By Caroline
YouTuber KathleenLights Earns Well From Her Profession; Has Managed a Satisfying Net Worth

Have you guys ever watch the you-tube videos which give us information about beauty and make-up tutorials. If not, then you can go through the Kathleen Lights YouTube videos, where you will find the perfect tips and tutorials or make-up.

Beauty Blogger Kathleen Lights have won the hearts of many people through her profession. Through her profession, she has maintained a pretty amount of bank balance. Let's find out her earnings and net worth.

How Much Is The Net Worth Of You-Tuber Kathleen Lights?

Kathleen Lights is one of the famous and talented Bloggers from Miami, Florida. Talent in the field of allurement world, Kathleen had not only earn name but is also able to collect huge worth. Through the unique blogging style, Kathleen has managed to earn huge monies.

Caption: KL polish by KathleenLights Source: Bustle

According to Social Blade, she has 4,119,228 subscribers on YouTube. Her video view rank is 5,075 whereas her social blade rank is 33,686. From her channel, her estimated monthly earnings ranges from $1.7K - $27.9K and her annual earnings is more than $335k.

As of 2019, she has an estimated net worth of $1.1 million. 

She is also known as the beauty guru, and mostly shares the videos make-up product reviews, beauty tips, and other beauty related videos.

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Having more than 4.1 m subscribers on YouTube, which is an amazing rate in today's challenging world. Spreading knowledge and inspiring people about beauty is the main motive of Kathleen. 

Is She The Owner Of KL Nail Polish?

KathleenLights not only shares the videos related to beauty and bloom but she is also the owner of KL brand nail polish, which goal is to create safe nail polish that can match every nail tones at affordable prices.

KL nail polish is liked by many people all around the United States. Because of its uniqueness till now this nail polish is highly demanded in the market. As in the market, the polish is sale according to its size, but the highest value till now is $ 10.

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Since the launched date, till now KL nail polish had fulled its bag with money which means Kathleen Lights is highly benefited by it and is able to gather a huge amount of bounty.

Yes, Kathleen Lights Use Branded Products.

Being a beautician or say beauty blogger, Kathleen is conscious of her make-up and beauty products. She mostly uses the make-up items of the same brand and also focuses on quality.

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Kathleen normally spends her money on buying make-up products. She not only purchase those, utilizing those stuff will increase her bank balance as well.

Lights also utilize her money on traveling and tasting varieties of foods. She also loves to hang out with friends and loves spending her time with her husband Danny Fuentes. 

Kathleen Lights is also a famous figure on Instagram. Having 2.1 m followers, and followed 572 people.