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home gossip With whom Robin Thicke Dating right now? Find out his Affair and Relation.

With whom Robin Thicke Dating right now? Find out his Affair and Relation.

Published Wed Mar 22 2017 By Smriti Rai
With whom Robin Thicke Dating right now? Find out his Affair and Relation.

Robin Charles Thicke, born on March 10, 1977, an American singer, songwriter and record producer is a son of actor-singer Gloria Loring and a Canadian actor Alan Thicke. Following his parents' work ethic, he cast a role in the series 'The Wonder Years'.

The parents of him were supportive of him getting into the music industry, so he professionally recorded a demo tape which turned out to be the impressive one through which he was signed by McKnight's production company. Then his first recording was landed with Interscope Records at the age of 16.

Robin Thicke Current Affair

Robin's love triangle scenario with a massage therapist Jasmine and wife Paula Patton has caused the separation with the wife. After eight years of marriage, Paula decided to officially separate from Robin because of his betrayal over her.

Robin Thicke, an American singer, songwriter and record producer

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The sources said that Paula has solely decided to separate without the agreement from Robin. The rumors between Robin and Jasmine has been publicized since 2012. The scenario became extreme when Paula got across Robin and Jasmine cheating on her. After that, she came to the conclusion to be separate from Robin.

Robin Thicke on the shoot of Blurred Lines

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Robin Thicke separated from Paula Patton

Robin responded to his betrayal as 'not a big deal' which devasted Paula to the extreme. This has resulted  Paula to react extensively so she did not forgive Robin despite the fact he apologized several times. The extramarital affairs of Robin has continuously disturbed Paula personal life. The rumor among Robin and Jasmine has been started since 2012 while Paula was flown to Miami for her movie shoot 'A Star'.

Robin Thicke and Paula Patton recently separated

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Robin Thicke Family

Robin Thicke and Paula Patton have a son of six-years-old, Julian Fuego Thicke. He has now permission to visit his son only three days a week as Paula filed a single custody for the son. It all began when the report has been received of Robin appearing offensive towards his son. Robin totally denied the fact as telling it as only a false blame towards him.



Robin Thicke with his son Julian Fuego Thicke and wife Paul Patton

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He has managed to produce tons of successful music through his hit songs in the musical career since 1994. With his melodic falsetto voice, he became the talented R&B singer and won millions of hearts. 'Blurred Lines', 'Wanna Love You Girl', 'For the Rest of Your Life', 'Love After War', 'The Sweetest Love', 'The Magic' that made the top list of the Billboard charts.

 Robin Thicke with his first super hit song 'Blurred Lines'

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Although Robin has made several achievements on his music line, he still falters on his personal life having unsteady relation with his wife and son.