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Why Is David Bromstad's Tattoos Are Popular, Know in Detail About His Tattoos

Published Wed May 22 2019 By admin
Why Is David Bromstad's Tattoos Are Popular, Know in Detail About His Tattoos

David Bromstad is renowned as 'HGTV Design Star' award winner, a designer, and TV personality. David is a tattoo lover and his tattoos are very popular over social media and among his fans.

The gay designer David has several shattering inked designed on his body parts but they do not have any distinct pattern. Read about similar gay artist Jemar Michael Biography.

Story of David's First Tattoo

David got his first tattoo of a dragonfly on his right arm just after he completed his college. It was very difficult for David to get a tattoo done when he was in school. 


The present millionaire, David with a net worth of $2 million was born in a conservative family in Minnesota, the US and was not allowed to get tattoos but his love for tattoos broke his parent's barrier from getting tattoos and finally got his first one just after his university. 

Afterward, David and his sister, in the name of his tattoo started Dragonfly Designs, a design company, which shows how much his first tattoo meant to him. Also, Go for Matt Walst tattoos detail

Does David Bromstad Have Cinderella Castle Tattoo On His Thigh?

Cartoon lover David was a huge fan of Disney from a very young age and also worked as a Disney illustrator. David has recently got a tattoo of the castle of the Disney portrait, Cinderella on his thigh.

David got the castle tattooed by a big Disney fan tattoo artist and his personal favorite Cortni West. Praising the work of Cortni, David writes on his Instagram, 

"A princess has found her castle. My thigh never looked more magical. So happy with the results @misswildwest is amazing with her extraordinary talents. I trust no one more with my skin"



David Bromstad's Chest Tattoo Says "Limited Edition 1973 est", The meaning is...

David has got 'Limited Edition 1973 est' inked on his chest which later on was decorated with a heart in the middle on top of which resides a crown and two swallows. 

CAPTION: David's chest tattoo reading "Limited Edition 1973 est"

SOURCE: Instagram

This tattoo for David means his uniqueness and originality. Revealing the meaning of the tattoo he said,

"It doesn't only say "limited edition"— below that it says 1/1 so I won't be duplicated!"

David's Right Arm features Micky Mouse Tattoo

David is fond of Disney and loves the cartoon character Micky Mouse extensively. His love made him carve Micky's tattoo on his right arm. 

CAPTION: David's Micky Mouse Tattoo

SOURCE: Instagram

What Does The Rainbow Flag, Inked on David's Leg Indicates?

"The Rainbow Flag" means The Gay Pride Flag or LGBTIQ Pride Flag symbolizing the social movement of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Intersex, and Queer. The Rainbow Flag in David's Leg explains the same pride and the self-acceptance of his own sexual orientation.

CAPTION: David Bronstad's Rainbow Flag Tattoo

SOURCE: Instagram
The Rainbow Flag tattoo resides like a band around the 'O' of 'LOVE', his another tattoo on the leg, which letters are vibrant and inked in retro neo design. David appoints in his Instagram handle, this "LOVE" tattoo and Rainbow Flag designates,
"My tattoo addiction is shining bright with a rainbow of delicious colors. It symbolizes so much for me. The gay flag, my love for color, my first tv series, color splash, freedom and it’s just plain happy. I encourage u all to embrace the core of who u are. I just happen to to be wacky colorful artistic weirdo and I love it. So much more to come!"

David's Forearm, Minnie Mouse, And Hand Tattoos

The interior artificer, David is in limelight for his several tattoos. David's Forearm tattoo pictures an outrageous retro Chandelier that appears as one from the Disney castle.

CAPTION: David's Forearm Tattoo

SOURCE: Instagram

  Similarly, David got his inside of right bicep tattooed with a famous Disney icon, Minnie Mouse.

CAPTION: David's Minnie mouse tattoo

SOURCE: Instagram
Likewise, David also has a tattoo on his hand dorsal that reads "Artist" of which "t" is made like a cross sign. This might specify David's passion for art and his profession as an artist.

CAPTION: David's hand dorsal "Artist" tattoo

SOURCE: Instagram

David's astonishing Lion And Tribal Tattoos reveals...

David Bromstad got a lion tattoo on his left leg and is a symbolism of his Zodiac sign, Leo. After getting the tattoo done, David wrote on his Instagram with his tattoo's picture,

"Roar says the Leo"

CAPTION: David's Lion tattoo symbolizing his zodiac sign, Leo

SOURCE: Instagram
 In addition, the interior designer and the artist has two tribal tattoos: one on his chest and the other one on his left arm. The tribal tattoo on David's arm pursues three Chinese letters meaning; an artist and painter. 

CAPTION: David's tribal tattoo

SOURCE: Instagram

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