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Who is Eva Mendes Husband? Details of Her Married Life and Past Affairs

Published Tue Jun 05 2018 By Raman Singh Shahi
Who is Eva Mendes Husband? Details of Her Married Life and Past Affairs

Eva Mendes is a renowned American actress, singer, designer and model. She is famous in the world for her role in the movies like Hitch, Training Day and Stuck on You and many others. She has won the hearts of millions of people and they are eager to know about her personal life.

So today we will be revealing about the personal life of Eva Mendes. So be with us and scroll down to know about detail information of Eva Mendes.

Eva Mendes Relation

Eva has been with Ryan Gosling for almost 5 years. Despite being in a wonderful relationship, it seems Eva doesn't think marriage is important.

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Caption:  Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling

Well, it is showbiz and we have seen many marriages falling apart faster than Flash running a lap across the globe. The actress's choosing to keep their relationship as it might be one way to keep things going well.  

Both of them Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling makes a beautiful couple. Both are hot and sexy and have a pretty decent lifestyle with plenty of acting oppturneties.

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Caption: Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling with their baby

The couple has already nineteen-month-old daughter and is expecting another one and it seems even now Eva is not considering marriage at all.

According to Naughty gossip, Eva Mendes is “adamant that it’s not important” about marriage stuff. After all, it’s just a contract with I Do’s at the end to seal the binding agreement.

Oh, baby!?? Eva and Gosling are expecting their second children.



We are not sure what Ryan thinks about it. Maybe the couple is together in this decision or Ryan may be finding a hard time to convince the mother of his son to get married to him.

Eva Mendes Past affairs

Before being in a relationship with Ryan Gosling, she was in an affair with George Augusto.

Eva Mendes and George Augusto began their affair in 2002. Augusto is a filmmaker. They had spent a lot of wow romantic moments with each other. After spending eight years together the cut off their relationship in 2010.