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Top 10 Interesting Technological and Scientific Discoveries in 2016-17

Published Wed Mar 22 2017 By Ayush Jung Rayamaji
Top 10 Interesting Technological and Scientific Discoveries in 2016-17

The year 2016 has a major breakthrough for the technological and scientific discoveries. The year has proved to the mankind that the universe is undefined and we are just a minor part of it. Science has been getting vast and have reached much further than we actually have imagined.

In this current research we have listed some of the amazing scientific and technological discoveries and inventions that has been accomplished in the previous year.

1. NASA Kepler Mission revealed the huge collection of planets ever discovered in the history of science.

NASA Kepler Mission confirmed the verification of 1,284 new planets which has been the largest discoveries ever made to the date. According to the chief scientist at NASA Headquarters in Washington, Ellen Stofan, there might be a possibility of discovering another Earth like planet around the star much like ours.

Kepler and the the research community hypothesized that the might be more number of planets than the stars in the space.


Conceptual vision of NASA Kepler space telescope

2. NASA discovered seven Earth sized planet in the TRAPPIST-1 system.

The TRAPPIST-1 system is the first known system of seven Earth sized planets around a single star which has been revealed by the NASA's Splitzer Space Telescope. Also, it is the single discovery for the exceptional number of inhabitable-zone planets found revolving around a single star that is outside the solar system.


Illustration of the discovery

3. Reversing Paralysis

Science have been creating extraordinary progress in the biological aspect for the use of brain implants that can restore abilty of movements, which can be the alternative for the spinal cord injury.

4. 360 degree camera

Technological experts are creating new way of capturing the memories and share their stories. The 360 degree camera might be the new era of the photography by creating spherical 360 degree images which might be a  revolutionary change in technology.

5. 1TB SD card

The new era of storing data have arrived. Its been a while that the technological world have been creating many remarkable breakthroughs and revolutionalized the technology in a very short period of time. It hasn't been long that we used to get excited for owning a 1GB sd stoorage card. But now, its isn't enough, so we are being able to get thousand times more than that, a 1000GB i.e. 1TB SD card.

6. History of planet Venus

Our neighbour planet Venus might have been a different place than it is now. Many billions of years before Venus might have been a much cooler place with shallow liquid oceans than its present climatic temperature, that is aroud 864 degrees.

7. New Prime Number

Mathematicians brilliance discovered a new prime number which falls under 24,000,000, that is, "2^74,207,281-1", which is the only way to write it practically.


8. Ninth planet in the solar system

There is only a 0.007 percent possibility, that the Planet x, the ninth planet beyond Pluto existed due to the gravitational clustering. if it is for real then the planet is likely to be around 2-15 times the mass of the earth.


9. Dinasaur tail found in Amber

Palenteologists found the first known piece of dinasaur tail that was found at a market of Burma. The inspection describes that it was actually bone ans soft tissue covered with feathers which belonged to a young coelurosaur. a dinasaur family.


10. Giant marine crocodile unvieled

A giant marine crocodile had been under the earth in an African desert, which was found in January. Based on the fossils found it  could grow upto 30 feet long and weight around three tons.