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home gossip 'The Big Bang Theory' Cast Kunal Nayyar's Married Relationship with Wife Neha Kapur and His Past Affairs

'The Big Bang Theory' Cast Kunal Nayyar's Married Relationship with Wife Neha Kapur and His Past Affairs

Published Tue Mar 12 2019 By admin
'The Big Bang Theory' Cast Kunal Nayyar's Married Relationship with Wife Neha Kapur and His Past Affairs

Kunal Nayyar's Bio and Age

Born on 30 April 1981 Kunal Nayyar is a British born actor who is from Indian descendant. He is popularly known as Rajesh Ramayan Koothrappli in the popular television show "The Big Bang Theory". He is currently 37 years old and is among will known names in the television industry.

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Kunal Nayyar's Childhood and Parents

Nayyar is from a typical Punjabi family. Even though he was born at Hounslow, London but his upbringing has been in Delhi. He is the son of Rakesh Nayyar and Heita Nayyar who are from a middle-class family background.

During his childhood, he was very fond of games and thus used to play at his school's badminton team.

Kunal Nayyar's Education and Career

Kunal attended St. Columbia school, New Delhi for his initial education but later moved to the United States in 1999. There he studied "Bachelors Of Business Administration, Finance" from the "University of Portland".Along with education, Nayyar started taking part in plays and dramas. This habit inspired Kunal to take acting classes and to make a career as an actor he joined "Temple University" in Philadelphia. From the university, he achieved "Master Degree of Fine Arts in Acting".

After the education Nayyar appeared in the several television ads and plays on London stage. But he got his first recognition as for his role in  Rajiv Joseph's 2006 play Huck & Holden, where he portrayed an Indian exchange student anxious to experience American culture before returning home and thereafter he appeared in many shows like SuspicionSullivan & Son, The Mindy Project, etc.

But he actually got the fame from his role in "The Big Bang Theory" as Rajesh Ramayan Koothrappli.

Kunal Nayyar's Relationships and Affairs

Kunal has been spotted with many famous actresses and girls but there was no rumor regarding his affair or any other relation. In fact, he is currently living a  happy life with wife Neha Kapur who is "Former Miss India 2006". Kunal married Neha in 2011.

There are no records regarding their children and it looks as if they are not eager to have children at least for now.

Kunal Nayyar's Networth and Earnings

Talking about Kunal Nayyar's net worth and earnings, he is certainly among the top paid television actors of the world. At present his earning from per episode is around $800 thousand which bring him as the third highest paid television actor in the world after his co-stars  Simon Helberg and with Mark Harmon on the list.

His net worth is expected to be $45 million as if 2018 but the exact figure could be even more or loss.

Kunal Nayyar's Favourites

Kunal Nayyar is very fond of pet animals and he stated that his favorite animal is Dog. Apart from that Kunal loves Gujarati food a lot. As a matter of fact, Kunal's favorite holiday destination comes to be "Mumbai".

Kunal Nayyar Social Media Status and Visits

Being a celebrity Kunal is very much active in social media sites. He has a huge fan following on his facebook, twitter and other social media accounts. Millions of likes and views are seen on his youtube videos as well.

Kunal Nayyar's Quick Facts

Kunal is the son of Rakesh Nayyar and Heita Nayyar.

Kunal is married to Neha Kapur.

Kunal is currently 37 years old.

Kunal's Birthplace is Hounslow, London.

Kunal got his fame from "The Big Bang theory".

Kunal's net worth is around $45 million.