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home gossip Television producer Roger Ailes Married to Elizabeth Tilson, Find out his affairs and boyfriend

Television producer Roger Ailes Married to Elizabeth Tilson, Find out his affairs and boyfriend

Published Wed Mar 01 2017 By Nabin Sah
Television producer Roger Ailes Married to Elizabeth Tilson, Find out his affairs and boyfriend

Roger Ailes is one of the prominent figures of American television. The former chairman and the CEO of Fox News and the Fox Television Stations Group, married to Elizabeth Tilson and has already been in their 18th years of married life. He has recently been in several controversies and allegations regarding sexual harassment.

Starting his career in TV as a Property Assistant to become the chairman of the most-watched news channel in the world, Roger Ailes has always been the center of curiosity. So let’s know more about his personal life, marriage, and affairs.

Roger Ailes Marriage to Elizabeth Tilson and Children

It has always been said, ‘Love has no limits and no boundaries’ and the saying fits quite well in the case of Roger Ailes. Roger Ailes who got married to Elizabeth Tilson, almost twenty years his junior proves the point that love is beyond all the boundaries of society or at least beyond the age bar.

Roger Ailes and wife Elizabeth Tilson


Elizabeth Tilson is a former television executive and titular publisher of The Putnam County News and Recorder. The duo got married on February 14, 1998, when Roger was 58 and Tilson was just a 38 years old lady. The married couple has been since living in a hilltop home in Garrison, New York.  

The couple has been married for 18 years now and it seems like they have great chemistry. Their marriage has more of becoming a source of inspiration for all the young couples.

The Couple also has a son named Zac, who is still a teenager.

Roger Ailes previous marriage and Affair

The 76-year-old Ailes seems good enough with his married life and stands steady enough for 18 years. Well, there is always a question and rumors in the air flying high about such high profile personality like him.

Couple enjoying private time together


It is said that Ailes had already been married and divorced a couple of times before he got married to Tilson in 1998. However, the rumor has not yet been justified and neither has been confirmed true by Ailes.  Also, there is not much of information available regarding his previous marriages if it’s a truth.

Well, time has always been good at revealing secrets. So, let’s wait and see if the rumor turns out to be true.

Sexual Harassment allegation and Impact on Marriage

The CEO of the fox news, Roger Ailes has been recently claimed for sexually harassing an anchor of Fox News named Megyn Kelly. She said that he offered to advance her career in return for sexual favors from her. However, the allegation has been denied so far.

Roger Ailes and Megan Kelly


Well, post the allegation, Mr. and Mrs. Ailes is having quite a tough time together. It is also said that Elizabeth had even stopped talking to Roger for some time, seems like a challenge to their married life has come across their way.