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home gossip Tati Westbrook's Married Relationship With Husband James Westbrook; Do They Share Children?

Tati Westbrook's Married Relationship With Husband James Westbrook; Do They Share Children?

Published Wed Mar 27 2019 By admin
Tati Westbrook's Married Relationship With Husband James Westbrook; Do They Share Children?

Tati Westbrook is a popular youtube vlogger born on Feb 14, 1982, currently running her own youtube channel named Tati. The channel has already grown with 5 million subscribers with 9 million views. Her channel shares contents and videos about Beauty Tips and makeup product.

Tati is recently married to her longtime boyfriend after 5 years of engagement. Let's figure out the reason behind it and her married life:

Tati Westbrook's Married Relationship With Husband James Westbrook

Tati is amongst the few lucky people who have a successful love life. She is married to James Westbrook a social media personality. James was born on September 10, 1970, USA. According to the sources James net worth is estimated between $750,000.

James proposed Tati in January 2012 but due to some family and career issues, Tati and James canceled their marriage on February 2015 and posted a video from her channel.

In the video, Tati explains the pressure she is getting from everyone for their marriage: 
Tati: " I don't want to wait more, been such a long engagement and everyone is asking about the wedding. It's overloading so I said stop, I'm in love and I want to get married."
Tati then describes the reason behind the delay and her opinion towards it:
Tati: "My very best friend from childhood is not able to make weeding, people keep dying, having surgery. Everything is not going as planned. So, we decided to postpone our marriage to make it special".
After two years of hold, they finally got married in January 2017, at the 5th year anniversary of their engagement. Tati posted a beautiful video from her channel to all the fans and followers.
The wedding was held in Mavi a beautiful naturally blessed place near ocean range. Now they are a happily married couple. Celebrities like James Charles and Nikki Phillipi attended their marriage. 
James is supporting Tati in her work as James is also posting videos about beauty tips for man. Actually, he's doing good as the review of his videos are not bad.

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Do They Share Children?

Yes, they do! You may get amazed as they have just been married. Well, James's son name is Taylor Westbrook. Taylor is from the previous wife of James but there are no posts and information regarding James previous wife and affairs. He has disclosed all the information about his previous life. 

Though Taylor is a step-son of Tati, she loves her and supports her in his career and social life. Both Taylor and Tati seem to have a good bond with each other as Tati even featured Taylor in one of his makeup videos:

Seems like both Stepmom and stepson are having fun goofing around. Their relation is adorable as Tati is supporting and exposing Taylor even though he is a step-son.
Tati even motivated Taylor sharing his Instagram accounts to her fans which rapidly increased Taylor fans and followers.

             CAPTION: Tati sharing his stepson Taylor account