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home gossip Rumors Says White House Correspondent for CNN Kaitlan Collins is in a Relationship; The Fact About Her Affairs

Rumors Says White House Correspondent for CNN Kaitlan Collins is in a Relationship; The Fact About Her Affairs

Published Sun Jul 07 2019 By Kate
Rumors Says White House Correspondent for CNN Kaitlan Collins is in a Relationship; The Fact About Her Affairs

Getting banned from the White House Rose Garden by Trump’s administration for questioning Trump about the Russian President In July 2018, Kaitlan Collins is an American journalist working as the White House Correspondent for CNN.

The journalist is established as 50 Most Influential news figures and is seemed to be in a relationship with Will Douglas, The founder of Crimson Care Pharmacy, at Sulpher Springs, Texas. 

Kaitlan Collins and Will Douglas’s In Relationship? 

On July 5, 2015, the White House Correspondent posted a picture on her Instagram account with Will Douglas, making the netizens and followers grow curious about the relationship they share.

Digging more into their relationship, the Correspondent often posted her relationship in social media.

Kaitlan and Will's last picture together posted on Instagram. 

                                       Source: Instagram 

The couples often were photographed in stylish dresses on different places with Douglas and attending ceremonies as well as going on vacations together.

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However, ever since 2016, the couples have stopped publicizing their relationship in social media making the netizens go more inquisitive bringing in comments and questions on their separation which Collins and Douglas are yet to respond.

So far the couples have been successful in keeping their relation mystic by neither mentioning how they met nor mentioning how long have they been in the relationship and also on avoiding the questions of “separation or together”.

Kaitlan and Will's First Post Together 

                                     Source: Instagram

As of 2019, she still remains silent regarding her relationship and is unmarried, actively involved in her journalism career.

Kaitlan Collins's Boyfriend Will Douglas, Who is he?

Will Douglas is the owner of Crimson Care Pharmacy Group, created to ensure that independently owned community pharmacies thrive in a changing healthcare world.

Will Douglas, Kaitlan's Boyfriend 

                                        Source: Linked In

The owner of the Pharmacy chain started getting extreme spotlight on e-medias and controversies when he was spotted with the correspondent, Kaitlan. 

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Hence, his social media account shares a number of pictures taken together with Kaitlan Collins. 

Kaitlan Collins on Social Media 

Kaitlan is quite active on her social media where she updates her professional life activities as well as personal matters. 

Kaitlan's post on Instagram displaying her professional life. 

                                      Source: Instagram

With over 17.5k followers and forty-five posts, she maintains a perfect social portfolio. While surfing into the comments on her account, she receives quite a good support from her followers. 

Along with the supporters and compliments, the correspondent is known to be often facing huge controversies. 

Kaitlan Collins’s Too Much Into Controversies?

Being a journalist or reporter in the first place is not an easy task to do, and if you're a White-House correspondent, it brings huge controversies on opinions and statements you give.

Kaitlan in her work is a subject of many and many controversies such as In October 2018, Collins had to apologize for her use of anti-gay slurs on Twitter while in college, posted seven years earlier!

While in July 2018, Collins was banned from a Trump administration press conference in the White House Rose Garden.

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The banning happened for questioning President Trump about Russian President Vladimir Putin and Trump's former attorney Michael Cohen in the Oval Office.

More On Kaitlan Collins

The Forbes magazine’s 2019 edition named Kaitlan on 30 under 30: Media. 

Whereas In 2018, Collins was Mediaite's number 50 Most Influential person in News Media among news figures.

Kaitlan Collins on her reporting set

                                       Source: Instagram 

Collins is also named to Crain's NewsPro's 12 to Watch in TV News in January 2019.