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Ricky Martin, Father of 2 Children; Who is The Mother of His Babies?

Published Sat Jun 15 2019 By Rajeev Singh
Ricky Martin, Father of 2 Children; Who is The Mother of His Babies?

The handsome Ricky Martin is a Spanish singer, actor, and singer. The 47 years old singer is known as for his songs “The Cup of Life” which he performed at the 41st Annual Grammy Awards. He is best known for his hard work and patience.

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Well, gay rumors about Ricky Martin have been viral all over the internet these days. We all know about his professional life but talking about his personal life, He has already revealed that he is is gay and is in a beautiful relationship with Jwan Yosef. Let’s discuss Ricky Martin personal life with Jwan Yosef and their children.

You might be confused about their children so we will make you clear about that Ricky Martin and Jwan Yosef have two children and we will be revealing about their mother. Keep scrolling down.

Who is Ricky Martin children mother?

Martin recently announced that he is proud to be the papa of twin babies, but the mother, a surrogate, has remained a mystery.

Source: Hello Magazine

Caption: Ricky Martin and Jwan Yosef

Well, the children surrogate is not revealed. Although the women’s name or personality has not been released, some sources say that the women work for an agency and that hooks up potential surrogated and is of 26 years.

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Martin’s babies were the third time she had provided her services, and they were her second set of twins!. According to some sources, Ricky and the women met only a couple of times, and the remaining contact was mainly through emails and phone calls.

Source: Printest

Caption: Ricky Martin and Jwan Yosef and their children

Ricky also arranged for a weekly massage and housekeeper and paid her medical bills. And he was there in San Diego with her on delivery.

Yet, other information is not revealed. Who is the biological mother of twins? Has she provided her services to others celebs? Were the surrogate’s eggs used, or those of biological mother of twins?

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