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Rebecca Zamolo Married Matt Yoakum and living happily as husband and wife

Published Wed Mar 22 2017 By Ashok Poudel
Rebecca Zamolo Married Matt Yoakum and living happily as husband and wife

Photo: Rebecce Zamolo

Rebecca Zamolo who belive on hardwork is from Martinez, California by parents Paul and Cathy Zamolo. Also she knowing by a competitive gymnast who earning Regional and National titles on the age of nine. she got Married  on May 17, 2014 in LOS ANGELES, CA with Matt Yoakum. She spending her married life too happily, beautifully as husband and wife because both of them understand each other and their proffission. Rebecce herself feel that luckiest girl that who got a loveable and understandable husband. 

Who is Matt Yoakum?

Photo: Matt Yoamuk and his newly married wife Rececce Zamolo

Caption: they seem they were happy with each other.


Matt is an popular artist as well as husband of Rececce. Matt is a lyricist, songwriter and music producer. He gave a service up to 6 year of his life to hilton hotel. He also known as youteber cause he got more then 170,000 in his youtube channel.

Married of Rebecca Zamolo and Matt Yoakum

Photo:Rebecce Zamolo and MattSlays

Caption: Both having the chapstick challenge

Matt Yoakum and Rebecca Zamolo have been married for 2 years. They were dating for 10 years after getting together in Aug 2002. After 1 year of engagement they married on 17th May 2014. Rebecca Zamolo has had no other relationships that we know of. They setteled happily at america. They have a fun and romantic courtship period.she make her marriage florish if she and her partner are cunning to put in the effort. both are the artist so they living with their artistic life. Rebecce and her husbad mattslays enjoing their own proffession as well relation.

Were they happy with their married life and proffessional life?

Caption: Time each other somewhere in club on the dance floor

Being of celeberaty its difficulty to manage both life. But in the case of these copule they were happy with their artistic life and married life cause they love their self proffession and love each other. In a word that we can say both of the copule were fantastic and also its miracal the to manage the self proffession and one each other time for each other.