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home gossip Puerto Rican-American Model, Bernice Burgos Has Two Lovely Daughters, Yet Living a Single Life? Details of Her Affairs and Rumor

Puerto Rican-American Model, Bernice Burgos Has Two Lovely Daughters, Yet Living a Single Life? Details of Her Affairs and Rumor

Published Sun Jul 07 2019 By Caroline
Puerto Rican-American Model, Bernice Burgos Has Two Lovely Daughters, Yet Living a Single Life? Details of Her Affairs and Rumor

Have you ever heard about the person who has been actively involved in two big profession at the same time. OK, if you had not read about that then we are going to write gossip about that eminent figure, please go through this. 

Working as a bartender and waitress, just at the age of 15, the mother of two daughters, entrepreneur and now a model, Bernice Burgos is famous all around her birth place and also a prominent figure on social networking sites. 

Let's found out who Bernice dated, her dating rumors and, all the comprehensive details about the youngest granny's love life. 

Who Is Drake For Bernice Burgos?

Now the model Bernice stay in relationship with Canadian rapper and Hip-Hop singer Drake. The new couple seems exciting with their relationship. It is reveal that the Burnos knew him for over 16 months before she bond with Drake.

Bernice Burgos and Drake
Bernice Burgos and Drake 

Source: Good*Fella Media

The pair are also seen together in Australia. They keep on sharing and updating their happiest snaps and pictures on social media, which shows that they are relishing their relationship.

Although the duo share their pictures and do romance on beaches, their connection didn't last more than the year 2015. Their romancing date was fixed till 2015

Bernice Burgos Date Feeling with Suge Knight.

Bernice Burgos First known relationship was in 2012, before that she may had maintain relationship with other's, but we are unknown about that. In 2012 Bernice was in love affair with former footballer and C.E.O of two music companies, Suge Knight. 

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Surge Knight is well known for through his work as a music executive and a founder of a Two music venture 'Death Row Record' and 'Black Kapital Records'.

The lovebirds enjoy their relationship, for few month only. After some month the fake affair collapse and she started to read her love chapter with other guy. 

Bernice Burgos and T.I.

Who can forget the whole Bernice, T.I. and his wife Tiny's controversies during the whole Bernice and T.I. dating saga. Well, no one. Bernice had told that she is a current mistress of T.I. but it's a fake.

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Bernice then received backlashes especially on social media for involving herself with a married man. Burgos defended herself saying, she is not responsible for what happens between a husband and wife. She further added that she went with T.I. because (Tiny) T.I.'s wife had already handed divorce papers to T.I. 

T.I with his wife Tiny and Bernice Burgos(right)
T.I with his wife Tiny and Bernice Burgos(right) 

Source: MadameNoir

After arising all the issues between T.I, his wife Tiny and in between Bernice. Bernice stated that she was just a good friends with T.I while he was married with Tiny no more than that.

After giving big shock to fans now again Bernice is in relationship with one more men. She was in affair with Migos rapper Quavo from December 2017 to May 2018.

Who Is the Father of Ashley Burgos? 

Bernice Burgos has her first child, Ashley at the young age.Though she gave birth to Ashley, she has not reveal about the Ashley's father on any social sites. 

Ashley Burgos
Ashley Burgos

Source: Showbiz Post

Being confusion with her pregnancy, again Bernice gave birth to her second child name Sarai, again the miracle happen, this time also the identity of her husband not published. 

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Yes, it's quite surprising that the young lady had her daughter, but the shocking part is Bernice's daughter is also a mother of a daughter. Bernice Burgos is a granny of her daughter's daughter.