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 -your personal information is assured and treated as confidential.

-The personal information outlines the following categories.

1.Personal Information

-Certain services of our website may ask for your information either when you are willing to comment on the articles published during the registration process or if you want to contribute to our website.

-In this policy, personal information includes your name, email address, phone number, login info, and geographic location; however it solely for providing a packed data for the third party which doesn't include any credit card details or other financial information.

2.Use of personal information

-The only reason for collecting the personal information or feedback is to upgrade the website for better user experience and to improve our services, but we don't promote any cultural/ racial or religious disharmony and are not liable to publish such comments or posts. However, we don't promote unfavourable comments and actions from the users as well.

Use of Cookies

We don't use any cookies, but the browser used in your device may have cookies for your better site experience.

Information disclosure and protection

Crackday is an entertainment outlet hence can be termed as a common platform for users and we don't promote sharing your limited personal data to anyone but will disclose our user's detail and personal information collected to advertisement outlets in general however the sharing process is fully secured and we only share it after signing a legal consent of disclosure agreement as per the current State’s Privacy act as amended in 2018.


We use a fully secured and dedicated hosting services along which ensures the protection of your data like emails, account profiles, and messages. Added that, the data collected such as IP, gender, age group time zone, location or browser, or the device or operating system, etc are for our advertisers but email, profiles and contact numbers are not shared and are only to allow user interaction on crackday.


We use Google analytics and some third party analytical to analyze reader's engagements, visitors, and cursor movements on the pages that our visitors land on.