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Preston Roberts From 'Mountain Men's Career Achievement and His Overall Net Worth

Published Tue Mar 12 2019 By admin
Preston Roberts From 'Mountain Men's Career Achievement and His Overall Net Worth

Preston Roberts:

Preston Robert, jack of all trades was born on (July 17, 1957-Monday 24, July 2017) and raised in Brevard, North Carolina. He was a factotum even though he lived a low profile life during his lifetime. Eustace Conway, whom Robert met in 1982 back in school and became life-long, buddies up to death. He is a married man. He got married to Kathleen DuPont McGuire in 1975 whom he met early of 1975 and start dating after a few months.  Near Stone Mountain State Park in Carolina, they lived in an old church. With wife Kathleen and three sons (Travis Lee Roberts, Joseph James Roberts, and James Preston) Robert had survived.

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What was the Career Achievements and Profession of Preston Roberts?

Robert went to Atlantic Christian college and Appalachian State University from where he graduates his degree in Art Education. By his colleagues, Preston was nominated as “Teacher of the Year” for twice. Not only this he also worked in other workshops as a primitive skills instructor and worked in many cultural events. Being an Artist he designed knives. and he used to charge people to make one of them, used to hunt and fishing. Before his death, he was working for the History Channel in a series called the Mountain Men. Due to different kinds of jobs he had done during his lifetime, he held many titles. 

CAPTION: Preston Roberts Making Knife 

CAPTION: Preston Roberts in Jungle


Preston Robert From Mountain Men Net Worth and Salary:

In his early life, Preston has also worked as a woodsman and as an environmentalist among others. Though Preston Robert salary and net worth are not known, he is a person having simple life who lived low profile life in the better part of his life. Preston used to design knives of 4-5 inches from small pieces of sawmills being an Artist and he was charging $250 for those. Throughout his career, Robert made only a certain agreeable amount. To support his wife and family there is a fundraiser. Robert had mentioned in his diary that they had lived in a small log cabin on the bank of the East Fork River and on a research station located in the middle of Virgin prairie in eastern North Dakota. Through his various works, his earnings had boosted to $1 million.

CAPTION: Preston Roberts House


What Happened to Preston Roberts? Does he suicide due to his poverty problem?

No Preston Roberts died at the age of 60, due to liver complications caused by an inoperable tumor. By preventing the flow of oxygen and blood this tumor cause lots of complications in his body which made him rapidly waste within three weeks from when he was diagnosed.


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In Wilkes County Roberts had grown a big organic garden and also keeps some horses and chickens with his wife Kathleen. He had also said that he also used to make television. He was brought into the public limelight by the series of Mountain Man for The History Channel.