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home gossip Is New Zealand Actor KJ Apa Dating a New Girlfriend: What About His Past Affairs?

Is New Zealand Actor KJ Apa Dating a New Girlfriend: What About His Past Affairs?

Published Mon Apr 01 2019 By admin
Is New Zealand Actor KJ Apa Dating a New Girlfriend: What About His Past Affairs?

A New Zealand actor who is known for starring as Archie Andrews in the CW drama series Riverdale is Keneti James Fitzgerald “KJ” Apa.

In the present scenario,  KJ was spotted visiting back to Vancouver, where Riverdale is being filmed. Including his rumored new girlfriend Corinne Isherwood.

Is KJ Apa and Corinne Isherwood dating?

As Apa has been recently spotted with is rumored bae, Corrine Isherwood. Most of his followers confirmed that they were in a relationship, but good news for his girls’ fans it is not authentic.

Including the fact that it was not the first they are spotted together, KJ had been holding her hands, when they were in parties together over the holidays, and the suspected couple were also even captured on a lunch date.

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The pair have been dating since November 2017, this figure is just predicated as there is not any particular date of their dating, to media.

Is KJ Apa rumored Bae Age is 16?

KJ Apa has been in a topic of highlight, by dating her gossiped girlfriend, Isherwood, whose age is 16. But, it has not been officially confirmed.

Their fans and media are still searching about that fact of hers. During their surfing through the internet, they found one interesting fact that there is a girl with exact the same who played for Canada basketball team in 2015, listing that her graduation was done on 2019, making her about 16 or 17 RN. 

As Apa friends are so crazy about his present girlfriend rumor, they also found that KJ’s mother liked a comment regarding their pair dating, that comment says, ”Age does not matter”. This activity of her also clarifies that, if Isherwood is Apa girlfriend then she has no issues on their relationship.

KJ Apa interview on Cosmopolitan magazine

After all those activities of the grooming couple, they still keep their relationship status away from the limelight. Both of the couples are concern about their statement which may affect their career.

In, an interview of KJ he had opened up to Cosmopolitan magazine, that, “I think I’m just waiting for the right time, right girl. I’m pretty busy at the moment. I do not know how much I have to offer to someone right now.”, which shocked his fan and was a gossip statement in the industry.

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Is KJ Apa Gay?

Fans were already shocked by his statement in the interview and also confused by his activities with his rumored bae. But he again raised a lot of fans eyebrow, on his sexuality issue. On November 14, 2016, he kissed Joaquin (Rob Raco), in an episode of Riverdale, while in the college detention center.

By seeing his tight-lipped attitude towards his opposite partner in the series, most fans are taking that event of him, as the actor sexuality as gay. Despite that event, other fans of him neglect those issues and appreciate his work and reveal that it may be the demand of the script. 

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On the basis of that activity only we cannot say he is a gay, so there is no any evidence of him being a gay and he has neither admitted himself as a gay or spoken about it.

The Kiwi Tv star also has a rumor of having a relationship with his onscreen girlfriend Camila Mendez who is actually a friend of his family. There is no past relationships or rumors of his love life. It can be said that his life love is being conducted with rumors.