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home gossip Natalie Morales Married her husband Joe Rhodes and living happily with two sons

Natalie Morales Married her husband Joe Rhodes and living happily with two sons

Published Tue Dec 27 2016 By Niva Kumari Anand
Natalie Morales Married her  husband Joe Rhodes and living happily with two sons

Natalie Morales, as we’re discussing today, is an American journalist, co-anchor on the popular news show “Today” and also is a co-host at the NBC. In recent times she has also been proactively taking part in Hollywood and has come up with an amazing performance. Together with this, she is also a woman who got married a long ago.

Here, we shot to face some esteemed parts of her life which include her children, husband, and more.   

Natalie Morales married Joe Rhodes On August 22, 1998, who is a founder of contemporary Managing partner at stock road Capital (New York).


Natalie  Morales Married with Joseph Stockton Rhodes

Natalie  Morales has been in a marriage relationship with Joe, Morales for 8 years now and she gave a birth to her first baby in 2004 whom they named Joseph Stockton Rhodes succeeding, on 9th  September 2008, they were blessed with a baby boy again whom they named Luke Hudson Rhodes.

Loss of baby:

She is a cheerful mother now, but frolic is not all she got in her life. There was a tragic moment in her life which indeed was very difficult for Natalie Morales and Joe Rhodes to tackle it. Before the birth of their two sons, there was a loss of an individual child due to miscarriage.

Below is a video where she became emotional while mentioning about her unsuccessful pregnancy.


Morales' Affair with Matt Lauer – True or just rumor???

Long ago there were Rumors, spreading like holocaust regarding her affairs with Matt Lauer.

In late 2006 they have got involved Words had been that the two of them got involved during the Today show coverage of 2006 during the show coverage of Olympics in Italy. This activity led Lauer’s wife to file a divorce against him which she withdrew later.

After two years, another rumor started when Natalie announced that she was weeks pregnant. Rumor said that  Matt Lauer was the father to Natalie’s unborn child and not her husband, Joe.These hoax sustained rippling effects and had disturbed Natalie’ life emotionally.

Lately In 2012, Matt's wife, Annette Roque exposed him if he demands NBC bosses to get Natalie in Ann Curry’s replacement. Next, Annette was reportedly on the verge of divorcing Matt.

On the other note, it was also believed that Natalie was angry and wanted to quit if she didn’t get Ann’s job. Later, together evenSavannah Guthrie was confound on Ann’s job.


Morales Married life

It seems both the partners Natalie Morales and Joe Rhodes are nown  together even after the rumors hovering over Natalie and Matt, Natalie is presently living happily in Hoboken in New Jersey with her husband-Joe, two children, and a dog and the News about her divorce with Joe no longer existing.

Natalie is now hosting the Access Hollywood Shows and also serving as a West Coast correspondent for Today. Doing work for Today, and with Billy Bush her host having Access Hollywood, it’s the perfect time for her to grab this opportunity.