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home gossip Marcia Cross and Tom Mahoney Married in 2006. Know about their Children.

Marcia Cross and Tom Mahoney Married in 2006. Know about their Children.

Published Wed Mar 01 2017 By Sabeen Shrestha
Marcia Cross and Tom Mahoney Married in 2006. Know about their Children.

Happily, married couple Marcia and Tom were having a prosperous life, but not for long. Cross had to face fertility issues and she underwent into Vitro fertilization. the couple canceled their honeymoon to undergo Cross's fertility treatment. Due to fertility problem they had to give birth to two twin daughters through test tube technology which is an artificial way of giving birth to babies.

On 20th Feb 2007, they gave birth to two fraternal twins Savannah and Eden. Marcia was put on bed rest for 9 weeks after delivery, She gave birth by C-section method which is a process of giving birth by surgery. During the delivery process Tom was with Cross holding her hand and said, Savannah was born first and then Eden followed within the same minute, Moment after the twin daughters were born there was a symphony of crying two babies together which was fantastic says Tom.



The faternal twins Savannah and Eden weighed 6lbs,7oz, and 5lbs,10oz respectively. I had 12lbs of baby in me claims Marcia, Even though the girls came into this world 4 weeks earlier according to the delivery date March 21st still the babies were healthy and stayed in the hospital for 4 days after birth. Famous for being the twin daughters and much-awaited children of actress Marcia Cross, She said Savannah came into me in this premonition a long time ago. Marcia had some kind of spiritual experience regarding her twin daughters and their names and she had a strong feeling that she will have this child and their name will be Savannah. Marcia and Tom didn't even know that they were having girls but before birth Tom e-mailed Marcia that he just heard a name Savannah and Marcia said she had complete chills as for their second daughter Eden. I was getting a message and it came to me says, Marcia.

The four of the together make a very happy family and healthy family. Cross and her husband are great parents who are regularly seen rooting for their kids when they play games, they seem like a tight bunch. However, insiders say that the twins have been quite problematic at school. According to sources the both kids might be having a problem with learning and one of them has been getting into fights. There are not much info's given about their Twin daughters but Cross was recently spotted at the LAX with her family. The beautiful actress was wearing a blue shirt and faded black jeans and teamed up with black leather boots, As the photo given above. Marcia kept her look very chic but comfortable. The casual look suited her very much whereas her kids also looked very happy as they pulled their colorful suitcases along. The family looked content and relaxed.