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'Life Below Zero' Cast Sue Aikens' Earning From Her Profession and Net Worth She Has Managed

Published Wed May 22 2019 By admin
'Life Below Zero' Cast Sue Aikens' Earning From Her Profession and Net Worth She Has Managed

Sue Aikens was born on 1st July 1963; She was born in Chicago but later moved to Alaska with her mother at a very young age and then bought up there. Susan became a celebrity who is popular for her show "Life Below Zero" of national geographical channel.

She has become famous from the other three different shows. She always has things set in her mind by older people but she genuinely instructed in taking risks and adventures just like a reality star Otto Kilcher.

Sue Aikens Net Worth $500,000

Sue Aikens net worth is mostly generated from her shows. Life below zero made her a talking star in the city. She has become on National geographical channel and other big platforms.

CAPTION: Sue Aikens in Life Below Zero


which gave her a huge fame day by day and built her a Ransom amount in a very short period of time. Sue Aikens net worth is not just relying on one show; she is part of three other different shows.

The main star of the show Sue Aikens has been a resident of Alaska for more than 30 years. Her incredible net worth is a result of her multiple independent ventures as well as the revenue from the show.

She is quite accustomed to nature and the inhabitants of the river camp. Its a home for hunters located 197 miles away from the Arctic Circle and only a few miles from the Arctic National Wildlife Reserve. Sue guides the hunters through different hunting and fishing trips during Hunting season. In her camp, she has managed to have at least six people a net sum of one person is $4,500 per week.

CAPTION: hunters showing their skills after the hunt. 

SOURCE: kavik river

It is reported that each cast member of Life Below Zero earns $4500  but the exact salary received per episode is unknown. Sue Aikens has a total monthly salary of around $16000 and a yearly salary of $200,000 which results in her massive net worth.


Moreover, she also made her brief appearance in The Joe Rogan Experience, Today and 'Acess Hollywood Live.' These days, Sue is busy in her River camp.


 Sue Aikens injury issue and the accident

Sue Aikens escaped near death situation from the attack of a grizzly bear. IN 2007 she was charged by an eight-foot grizzly bear. Sue had hips pulled out of the socket, torn muscle, and head injury due to a vicious attack.

Delving into her other injury, on 21st February 2017, a report emerged of Sue filing against the producer of  "Life Below Zero". According to the Aikens, she was forced to do a stunt which left her seriously injured. This report link to a fifth season episode "The Crash" which showed she hitting an ice heave. The incident she was left severely injured but the producers opted not to make a call to rescue airplane and instructed the pilot to land at the far end of the runway for the sake of entertainment and thrill.