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Is Lawyer Bob Massi Having a Happy Married Life: What About His Past Affairs?

Published Thu May 16 2019 By admin
Is Lawyer Bob Massi Having a Happy Married Life: What About His Past Affairs?

Bob Massi was born in 1951 and died on Wednesday morning, February 6th, 2019 aged 67, he was battling with Cancer Disease. He was popularly known as "The Property Man."

He worked as a Southern Nevada attorney and FOX5 legal analyst and host. He was one of the most well-known legal faces in the United States. According to his LinkedIn page, Bob had 28 years of Courtroom experience and appeared on camera as a legal analyst for more than 20 years.


Lawyer Bob Massi Married Life

Massi wife was Lynn Massai, and their residence was in Henderson, Nevada. They were a happy couple just enjoying their old ages at some peace. They have two sons together named Dominic and Robert Massi Jr, and daughter Genna.

Massi's son Robert Jr. lives in Henderson, Nevada and attended UNLV Boyd of Law and Currently works as a Lawer at Massi & Massi with his father. His focal point there is on personal injury law, business law, wills, and trusts. Robert Jr. got married in 2009 to Diana Massi and worked at Our Lady of Las Vegas Catholic School.
Dominic Massi their second son also lives in Henderson, Nevada and attend St. Mary's College of California. For 15 years he has been working alongside his father as his insurance business, Massi Insurance Consulting is located inside his father's Practise. Dominic is married to his wife Ashley Massi, she works at Rodan+ Fields as a premier level V Lexus achiever. The couple has Two kids together.
Bob has a Daughter named Genna Massi, and she lives in Las Vegas, Nevada. Massi likes relaxing and playing golf and working out when is not busy with his work.

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After Bob Massi died Fox News board cast many messages of appreciation that day. Shepard Smith ended one heartfelt tribute by saying "Bob could do anything... he was a wonderful friend."  
Lauren Petterson, the SVP who runs "Fox and Friends", was also in Bob's speed dial. she and I have communicated every day since he passed. "I too loved this man", She said in one of her emails. He was one of a kind. 

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