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Korean Comedian Lee Guk-joo Dating an Idol, Know About her Affairs and Dating Rumors

Published Thu Jun 21 2018 By Rajan Shakya
Korean Comedian Lee Guk-joo Dating an Idol, Know About her Affairs and Dating Rumors

Overweight girl and a handsome lean guy. Doesn’t ring nicely, does it? But for this South Korean plus-sized comedian, it does and it does perfectly. We might just be witnessing what it seems to be a healthy 2-years long relationship between plus-sized Lee Guk-joo and lean-and-thin someone. Let’s find out who that someone was!

For those who don’t know Guk-joo, she is best known for her role in a short series ‘Dream Knight’ and ‘Click Your Heart’ released in 2015 and 2016 respectively.

Lee Guk-Joo

      Lee Guk-Joo                                                                   

      Source: sompi

Lee Guk-joo dated an idol much younger good-looking than her

Comedian Lee Guk-joo was rumored to have dated an idol star six years younger than her, which she herself claimed while speaking on tvN entertainment show “Taxi”. Most didn’t believe her as it was too good to be true. However, the plus-sized gagwoman insisted on the affair and explained the idol singer was still a “trainee” when they dated.

Lee Guk-Joo had appeared as a guest on “Radio Star” on July 22, whereby the fellas discussed rumors about her dating BTS’ Jin in the past. As she was asked if the rumors were true, she replied “I did date someone who was a trainee in the past”, putting a full-stop to the rumor-gossip with Jin. The MC was quick to follow up with an assertion of him being younger; she replied: “Yes, he was six years younger than me.”

Lee Guk-Joo's brother had appeared on a talk show where he confessed having read a questionable article about the relationship. He had to confirm with his sister about the affair after another news story about it had flown by. Lee Gook Joo had said on Taxi,

 “It only really became news after I had split up with him [the idol star in question]. I had told my family about it before but they didn’t believe me! Even fellow comedians wouldn’t believe me! They said things like, ‘Are you a compulsive liar? Or are you just going out with someone in your dreams?’”

What about Lee Guk-joo’s rumored relationship with BTS’ Jin?

On “Radio Star”, Lee Gook-Joo revealed whatever there was to the rumor of her dating BTS’s Jin. She confessed that she had been close to the superstar for four years, but alas, not as a boyfriend. She continued,

“So there’s a person who I have been close to for over four years and I even cheered him on at ‘Music Core’ when he debuted.” Kim Gu Ra doesn’t miss a beat and asks, “Who is he?” at which she answers, “BTS’ Jin. We are very close. He thanked me in the ‘Thanks To’ section in his first three albums and fans put two and two together. He also said that his ideal type is someone who is chubby.”

Lee Guk-joo poses with her “boyfriend” Henry of Super Junior-M

Henry left his fans awe-struck after uploading a series of selfies wherein the male superstar made kissing poses with Lee Guk-Joo looking delightfully into the camera, which seemed questionably like a public announcement of their relationship. For all we know, it could well be a joke meant to tease Henry’s fans, as it is not officially confirmed by either of the “couple”.

Super Junior-M star Henry with Lee Guk-Joo

                                                                       Lee Guk-Joo                                                                                 

                                                                     Source: soompi

Super Junior-M star Henry posted the photos with Lee Guk-joo on Twitter on 20th October. He tweeted saying “Everyone, it is correct that this woman is my girlfriend”. Surprisingly, a lot of Henrys fans commented how cute they were looking together as if to say, “We know you are not serious about this”

Lee Guk-Joo and Henry have appeared as guests in many shows but never together. That being said, we “can”still claim that the two have grown really close, following their mushi actions in the social media. Lee Guk Joo is currently appearing on SBS's Roommates, while Henry is a cast member for MBC’s Real Men.