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Know all about Dwayne Johnson's Current Relationship And Personal Life

Published Sun Sep 03 2017 By Anju Shahi
Know all about Dwayne Johnson's Current Relationship And Personal Life

Currently Dwayne Johnson is head over heels in love with cute little Jasmine. The  furious star seems to cannot get enough of her. Don’t get confused. Jasmine is his 1 year old daughter. Jasmine was born on December 1st in 2016 out of the 10 year old relationship with his hot girlfriend Lauren Hashian, who happens to be a songwriter/singer. He had met Lauren when he was shooting for the Game Plan in 2006.

Dwayne Johnson with his love, Lauren

Source : GWM

A year later he got divorced with his then wife, Dany Garcia, Dwayne has been together with Lauren since then. The couple seems to enjoy each other’s company a lot. They spend the day teasing each other as Lauren is said to have a good sense of humor and always tease Johnson for having no brain.

The Rock told the People “She teases me about everything. Everything. Nothing is off limits in our house. And it’s the beauty of it. And I tease her with everything.”

One thing is sure. They must have no problems with role playing stuff if you know what I mean? They already got an actor, sexy as hell and perfectly fit for the role of a lifeguard, a smart witted cop, a WWE World Champion (the list can go on and on), a producer, a brilliant and hot songwriter-singer.

Jokes apart, Lauren must have some magic potion or something that’s keeping the Sexiest Man hooked on to her. So far, there has not been any gossips regarding Johnson's extra affairs ever. He seems to be quite a decent man.

With Jasmine’s birth, The Rock is really busy cooking if not, changing diapers. So, for the time being, he would not even have time to glance upon the Greek Goddesses, if she appeared before him.

Dwayne Johnson changing diaper of his little daughter Jasmine to the left and playing with his daughter on the right

Source : Jikoman

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Personal life

Unlike other celebrities, this awesome hunk likes to talk about his personal life openly in the media. I admire him for that. One surprising fact you might not know, the Rock is said to run his social media all by himself. At one time, he had posted a series of vines of himself while shooting for the Central Intelligence. Dwayne who is from Hayward, California loves to post pictures in Instagram and other social media as well. What can I say? What is there not to love about him?

The Rock and Kevin Hart during the shoot of the Central Intelligence in 2016

Source : Youtube


Dwayne first appeared in the movie, ‘the Mummy Returns’ as the Scorpion King in 2001. Before entering in Hollywood he was equally famous as the Rock in the world of wrestling, particularly his catchphrases. I happen to know one.

Shankar, producer of The Grey and wrestling fan said, “The Rock got over because he was funny. You take humour out of the Rock and you don’t have anything.”

From 2001 to till date, the Moana star has not taken a break. Thanks to him, Hollywood now has a lot of great movies to offer like The Furious eight(2017), The Furious seven(2015), Tooth Fairy(2010), Moana(2016).

As you have already known about his married life. So I will not bore you with details again but he has another 16 year old daughter, Simone Alexandra Johnson with his ex-wife Dany.