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home gossip Know all about Andre Agassi's personal life marriage and divorce related rumors here

Know all about Andre Agassi's personal life marriage and divorce related rumors here

Published Sat Aug 19 2017 By Ram Krishna Chaudhary
Know all about Andre Agassi's personal life marriage and divorce related rumors here

Andre Agassi, one of the tennis champions of the 1990s to mid-2000s, No less described as the greatest service returner in the history of the game by the BBC, was also famous for being a ladies man. So we bring you all the affairs that Agassi flaunted in his tennis days.

Without much delay, Let’s take a look at his personal life and all affairs right here.

Andre was born on April 29, 1970, and in his early twenty, he was no less than a celebrity. Stepping into his tennis career in the early 1990's, Andre dated a 28-year lady Barbara Streisand an American entertainer.

In 2009, writing an autobiography about his relationship Agassi said:

“Dating Barbara is like wearing hot lava”

Andre Agassi And Brooke Shield's relationship and Failed Marriage

After he separated with Barbara, Andre got indulged in an affair with another Tennis star Brooke Shield. As a result, he married her in 1997 in Lavish Ceremony at Pebble Beach, California.

Andre Agassi and his former wife Tennis star Brooke Shield

They had a complicated relationship. Brook in her few interview about Andre has revealed: 

“When Andre made an ordinary phone call, she never would have guessed what he was about to say”.

Shield as per above statement was not happy with Andre and his strange behavior as a husband. Being a Daughter of Alcoholic Mom, She struggled with Andre’s Addiction of Meth.

She avoided having children as she didn't want them coming into the home of an addict, but Andre wanted kids so bad, which did the work of a catalyst in their separation.

The problem was not solved and there was no any point as a result 2 years later on April 9, 1999, just two days shy of their marriage’s second anniversary they filled divorce action.

New beginning for Andre and his affair with Steffi Graf 

Shortly after the divorce was finalized Andre continued the utmost love and respect for another and started dating to Steffi Graff (tennis champion, a ranked no.1 player of her time).

They continued their dating and on 22 Oct 2001 in Las Vegas, Andre married Steffi Graf secretly with guests including Heidi; Graf’s mother, Brother Michael the Agassi family and his personal trainer Gil Reyens. Their marriage was supposed to held at £10 million house at America’s Gambling Capital.

The Couple expressed their feeling as

“we are blessed to be married and starting this chapter of our lives. The privacy and intimacy were beautiful and reflective of all we value”

They are living happily and have two children son Jaden Gil (born Oct 26, 2001) and Daughter Jaz Elle (born Oct, 3,2003). Further, the couple is always up for humanitarian causes as well as to help under privileged children all over the world to develop in the field of Tennis.

Together they make a lovely pair and we hope this marriage finds a good ending with grand children playing on their laps.