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home gossip Is Steve Knapp Happy Married To Wife Kristen Cornett? Know About Their Married Life and Children

Is Steve Knapp Happy Married To Wife Kristen Cornett? Know About Their Married Life and Children

Published Sat Aug 19 2017 By Surendra Shrestha
Is Steve Knapp Happy Married To Wife Kristen Cornett? Know About Their Married Life and Children

Everyone is equally aware that nothing is everlasting. Similarly, its same for most of the twenty-first century's love relationship and married life's longevity which detach more than 70% among the couples. But this paradox has got a new direction. As Steve Knapp is happily married to his wife Kristen Cornett and the committed couple is on the path of accomplishing two decade-long relationship with each other.

So, if you ask us, we would say, monogamy is possible. All you need is a strong commitment and unending flow of trust. To know all about Steve Knapp and Kristen Cornett's story, keep calm and scroll down!

Kristen and Steve together.
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Successful married life is well praised, so is of  Steve Knapp's who is married to his lover Kristen Cornett after fourteen years of togetherness. Yes, you read that right. They are the role model and a perfect inspiration for the perfect relationship. Isn't it interesting? let's get to know them in detail.

Steve and Kristen's happy married life:

This couple is the obvious instance for made for each other anthem. Due to understanding and truest love for each other, their knot is still well tied. Not only this; faithfulness and honesty towards themselves are also the plus point for happy married life.

Wedding moments picture of Steve and Kristen.

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Till now they have no children at all. We're not yet through their rumors regarding their past affairs and marital life. It's beautiful! Isn't it. Further, it is more amazing.

Marriage ceremony:

Cornett and Knapp wedded at Chandler Hill Vineyards located 45 minutes west of downtown St. Louis where only family members, as well as few close friends, were invited.


Marriage of Steve and Kristen.
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They are privacy loving people who are not much interested in coming to the public, therefore, most of their personal life is limited only to them. Seeing is believing thus from this bonding of each other it's not that difficult for us to predict their support is gonna last till the end.

A little bit of their personal life:

Kristen, a successful American meteorologist at News 4, aged 43 is a determined personnel who made a huge change in her career despite lots of ups and down. Most importantly, in spite of being fired from NBC Weather Plus, she evolved more vigorously.

Although she dreamt to become a doctor in her early days it was her fate to be a weather forecaster and she loved her fortune.  Actually, she began her career in weather forecasting on a local tv channel CBS.
Along with the successful marriage, she has everything and nothing remained to succeed because her dream project crossed her expectation. Recently, she is planning to take a break and work for the betterment of the society.

Likewise, Steve is also an American TV personality from Kirkwood, Missouri. His zodiac sign is Taurus and he is a year younger than his sweetheart. Forty-two years old Stewart is a good looking and dashing Firefighter and a Paramedic. 

In the end, let's wish Kristen and Steve be bounded with deep love and affection for ages.