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Ingrid Nilsen Had List of Boyfriends, Now Dating Someone Special?

Published Thu Mar 28 2019 By Rajeev Singh
Ingrid Nilsen Had List of Boyfriends, Now Dating Someone Special?

Ingrid Nilsen a.k.a Missglamorazzi was born on February 2, 1989, in Rowland Heights, California, the U.S is a popular Youtuber with a height of 1.63m has a zodiac sign of Aquaris. Nilsen is famous as a Beautician, Youtuber & Vlogger.

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Ingrid Nilsen dated a couple of men but was not satisfied and disappointed by what she got from the adverse sex and decided to take a courageous step and revealed having an attraction in the same-sex.

CAPTION: Ingrid Nilsen
SOURCE: Theshortyawards

Ingrid Nilsen & Luke Conard

Nilsen dated her fellow Youtuber Luke Conard who is a musician for two years. The couple started their relationship in 2011 and had a good time till 2013, later the couple broke up surprisingly Luke Conard posted on facebook that they are not dating each other anymore.


CAPTION: Ingrid Nilsen & Luke Conard
SOURCE: Youtube

Ingrid Nilsen & Christopher Erwin

After breaking up with Luke Conard, Nilsen moved on to next relationship with COO of Big FrameChristopher Erwin. The duo also dated for two years from 2013 and later broked up in 2015 and soon after their break up Nilsen decided to take a courageous step explicit an unlikely feeling.

CAPTION: Ingrid Nilsen & Christopher Erwin Together
SOURCE: Daily mail

Ingrid Nilsen Revealed She Has Love For Same Sex?

After breaking up with Christopher Erwin, Nilsen was disappointed by what she got from the people of the opposite sex so she revealed that she was lesbian.

On June 9, 2015, in an emotional Youtube video posted by Ingrid Nilsen in her channel which was viewed by over 17 million people, she revealed that she is a lesbian and has attraction for the same sex. Furthermore, Nilsen added she has no love and no feelings for the opposite sex anymore.

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No More Boyfriends!

After confessing her love in the same sex Nilsen revealed her love with her fellow internet star Hannah Hart who is also a popular comedian. The duo was in a relationship for about 1 year from 2015 to March 2016 during this time period the couple shared blissful moments. They frequently used to post each other's photo on their Instagram account and used to appear in each other's video.

CAPTION: Ingrid Nilsen & Hannah Hart
SOURCE: Tumblr

Later the pair officially confirmed the end of their romantic relationship through Twitter and amazed their fans. Moreover, Nilsen added that they are building a strong friendship.

Putting this out into the world with so much love in my heart.❤️

— Ingrid Nilsen (@ingridnilsen) March 21, 2016

More Girlfriend?

After the break up with her former girlfriend Hannah there were rumors about the Youtuber dating Jules Kutner who was reported of being an Androgynous. The couple's photo of kissing each other got viral and people confirmed that they were sharing a relationship. No any confirmation about the relationship was made so no one knows the relationship is a short term romance of beginning of something stronger than before.

CAPTION: Ingrid Nilsen & Jules Kutner Passionately Kissing
SOURCE: Dailymail

Moreover, Ingrid has not revealed any information about her feelings with the opposite sex or is not seen with anyone of other sex .

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