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How Was Vicky Karayiannis And Chris Cornell's Married Life, Is She Dating Anyone After His Death?

Published Mon Jul 29 2019 By Aakriti
How Was Vicky Karayiannis And Chris Cornell's Married Life, Is She Dating Anyone After His Death?

Who is Vicky Karayiannis?

Vicky Karayiannis is an American marketing expert just as an altruist, well known as the spouse of the multi-skilled and an American performer, Chris Cornell. She discovered significant exposure when her better half gave away his life by ending it all.

To know more about her marital relationship with Chris Cornell's, or she is dating anyone after her husband death. For further information. Stay tuned with us.

Vicky Karayiannis and Chris Cornell's Marriage

A famous singer Chris Cornell and Vicky met in France on one of his band tour, line of her work. Vicky was on an publicity work and then hands on they got familiar with one another. The meeting excited a romantic love affair which turned beautifully in marriage proposal in 2003. 

A year later, they got married in a "talk of the town" in Paris. It was proclaimed that Chris gave her a diamond ring.They were blessed with a baby girl, Toni Cornell in September 2004 and a baby boy, Christopher Nicholas Cornell in December 2005.

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Vicky Karayiannis and Chris Cornell

Vicky was Chris's second wife after he got divorced to Susan Silver in the same year they met. They got married in 1990 and had a daughter past they got divorced in 2003.

Chris Cornell's Death 

They were a happy family, they loved spending quite a time together until the death of Chris Cornell. He was found dead in his hotel room bathroom in Detroit on May 17. They found out the cause of his death as a suicide over prescribing drugs that can adapt a person’s mind to the singer. 

Vicky blamed her husband's doctor for the cause of his death. She blamed her that she shouldn't have prescribed the psychoactive drugs which led to his death. He was actually suffering from shoulder injury.

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How is the family doing after his death?

It was very difficult for the family to confront with the situation. She is single parenting her two children presently. She's taking full responsibility of them, taking care of them and making sure that they have a healthy psychological environment after the huge shock.

Toni Cornell wearing a shirt of his late dad Chris Cornell at the 61st Grammy Award

Chris Cornell's family showed up on celebrity lane at the 61st Grammy Awards and paid their tribute to the Late artist. Vicky went to Sunday night's service her two kids, Christopher Nicholas Cornell, and Toni Cornell. Toni recognized her Late dad by wearing a shirt.

Vicky and Chris’ kids, Toni, and Christopher Cornell accepted their father’s Grammy Award for best rock performance song When Bad Does Good. Toni called her dad’s award on Sunday a bitter but sweet moment for the family.

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Vicky Karayiannis dating anyone after her husband death?

She hasn't given a single hint about starting a new life with anyone or getting engaged. Being a fully independent individual, its her decision to do what's good for her and children.