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How Is American YouTuber Woah Vicky's Life With Family and Achievements in Her Career?

Published Tue May 21 2019 By admin
How Is American YouTuber Woah Vicky's Life With Family and Achievements in Her Career?

Woah Vicky, Is Waldrip A Celebrity?

Victoria Waldrip a.k.a Woah Vicky is 19 years old Instagram celebrity who has come to limelight due to her meme inspired photos and her lifestyle. She is seen to have a hefty amount of followers in her social media. Vicky has been flaunting extravagant clothes, bags, shoes. Likewise, she too has used the platform in earning a great tag to herself, we wonder what could be the secret is!

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Where Is Woah Vicky's Family?

Victoria Waldrip a.k.a Woah Vicky was born to Carla Johnson and Steve Waldrip in Georgia USA. Daughter to a successful real estate agent, her upbringing can be seen to be affluent. She claims to be from black ethnicity. Both the parents are Caucasian.

How come she's black? Well, her black ethnicity comes through her father's mixed race, that's what she claims! Her DNA report states to have 44% African American ethnicity.

Raised in Georgia, this young beauty went to John MacEachern School. She believes schools to be useless so she dropped out of her school due to her poor grades. This girl is strong headed enough.

Is Woah Vicky In A Relationship, Who Is Victoria's Boyfriend? 

Woah Vicky is said to have been in a relationship with famous social media star Pappi JJ. A controversy rose up about her pregnancy which was soon denied by Pappi JJ.


 Currently, it seems like Youtuber Darryl Granberry is dating her, both of them have been seen together in his car interview. Hope this friendship turns to a relationship soon.

Woah Vicky Alias Victoria Waldrip's Achievement

Dropping school hasn't been a big time for this celebrity but she eventually earned a high school diploma from Penn Foster High School. Further, she is looking forward to making a career in modeling and singing. we wish her good luck with that.

Follower with over 2.3 million she is estimated to have a net worth over $100,000. Her other sources of income come through sponsored media posts. She is being supported by Flatyummy chocolate shakes. She also sells a variety of merchandise ranging from shirts, hoodies, hip-hop chains, phone cases.

Woah Vicky, A Controversial Queen!

Vicky was arrested in 2014 at the four-season town Center mall in Greensboro, North Carolina for trespassing, resisting arrest and assaulting law enforcement officer. Recently, this controversy doll again garnered up with a racist music video song " Ching Chong" about Asian men which she later apologized.

Woah Vicky lands Up In Jail.

Vicky was booked into Guildford Jail facing two charges against her for trespassing and assaulting government official, for which she could have had 150 days in prison and potential amount of fine. 

Waldrip was set to turn 18 then according to jail records.