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home gossip Donald John Trump divorced Marla Maples besides a child Tiffany Trump

Donald John Trump divorced Marla Maples besides a child Tiffany Trump

Published Wed Mar 01 2017 By Rikky Nakarmi
Donald John Trump divorced  Marla Maples besides a child Tiffany Trump

Donald john trump, the 45th president of the United States is an American politician, businessman and television personality. He is scheduled to take office as the president on January 20, 2017.

He was born on June 14, 1946, in the queen's borough of New York City. He received a bachelor's degree in economics from the Wharton school of the University of Pennsylvania in 1968. He became famous in the 1970s, and his celebrity status started to grow over few past decades.

Personal life and marriage

It seemed to be no special woman in trump's life for so many years. He was good looking, successful, and determined with all those qualities that women get attracted but he was focused on building unique real estate in Manhattan.


Trump first got married to Ivana Marie Zelní?ková. Ivana was born in Czechoslovakia. She managed to make her way to the United States through hard work and determination as well as her ability to ski well enough to join the Olympic Games. In the early 70s, Ivana was married to a fellow skier, but the marriage was later reported to be in name only. After dating few years with Donald, they get married in 1977 in a lavish ceremony. Ivana was more beautiful and charming. She plays a vital role in boosting the celebrity status of trump. However, even a high-powered woman like Ivana needed a break. She informed trump that she wanted more time with the children.


Affair with Marla maples

Marla was just 23 years old when she started dating trump secretly. According to some sources close to Marla, she was pressuring trump to leave Ivana and he was entirely offering money and gift to keep her quite. Things became intense when maples started threatening to run around with other men. Due to this reason he took Marla with him wherever he went. Marla had to go wherever trump goes so that he could escape his family and meet Marla. The situation came to boil when two women accidently met on the ski slopes. After that, Ivana filed a divorce because she was greatly humiliated by the stories and the photos of Marla and trump on the covers of all the gossip magazines.

After this messy divorce, trump married Marla and had a child named tiffany. The new marriage was not a happy one and was perhaps trump's lowest point of his life. He lost his reputation as a respectable businessman viewed as a man who would use his wealth to cheat his wife. Trump's image was damaged forever but he did not let it show.

Trump divorced Marla in 1999. It has been considered that Marla was looking for another man, Michael Mailer for about one year before they divorced. According to some sources, she had met mailer while performing a bit part in the movie he was directing in 1988. They announced their engagement after several months of her divorce but mailer broke off the engagement and married someone else. She walked away from the story with trump as a multi-millionaires and mother of tiffany.