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Does Zerlina Maxwell Have a Husband or She is Enjoying a Single Life

Published Sun Jul 07 2019 By Shayan
Does Zerlina Maxwell Have a Husband or She is Enjoying a Single Life

Fighting many difficulties during her career path, Zerlina Maxwell has been example for many hardworking and ambitious people. She writes about rape culture, sexual assault, gender inequality, racism, and many other things. She, herself, is a rape victim and has been a participant of #metoo trend in twitter, where she even tagged herself as a survivor.

 Zerlina likes to keep things between herself. However, it is reported she is secretly married with a man named Micheal Kranz. 

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What can we make out from Zerlina's Instagram photo in 2014 ? 

Caption: Zerlina with her husband
Source: Instagram

 There are only very few information regarding Maxwell's personal life . She has been very successful in hiding about what is going with her private life. 

But, if we scroll down through her Instagram for certain while, we can find a photo of Zerlina and a guy with a caption: 

Happy Birthday to my best friend and life partner. You make me a better person and I’m so thankful everyday that you are a part of my life. #luckygirl

It is evident that this type of caption is only written for their spouse. In 2012, she confirmed she was in relationship with MIcheal when many followers in her twitter account had curiosities about the couple's relationship. 

Although, there are enough proofs about Zerlina's marital status, we don't have information about her husband. How healthy is couple's relationship status right now remains to be an unanswered question as well. 

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What about Zerlina's parental status ?

We can assume the couple have been together for more than 7 years now, but their are still no announcement regarding offsprings from both of them. However, is it because of busy schedule of Zerlina or is it because the couple have planned it for later remains to be seen. 

Caption: Zerlina with a child
Source: Twitter

What we can say for certain is that Zerlina may not be the parent of her own children, but she has helped many children growing up by the work she does.  

Zerlina Maxwell likes to separate professional and personal life  

Staring from bottom with hard work and determination, its safe to say; Zerlina is at the peak of her career right now with an impeccable CV in her name . 

Maxwell has appeared on medias like CNN, FOX News, and MSNBC as a commentator and has written for the Washington Post,, the Huffing post, and She has even done various interviews in the topic of sexual allegation and rape. Although, many people are aware of Zerlina now, there aren't any reliable reports about her relationship yet.

Caption: Zerlina in a conference 
Source: Zimbio

That only makes sure about Zebrina's ability to create a bridge between her personal and professional life. In contrary to what we see about her professional life information, her private life information is completely void in her social media. 

It is clear that she gives more emphasis on her work than other things.