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Does Pasquale Rotella Earns Enough to Live a Lavish Life: What About His Overall Net Worth

Published Thu May 16 2019 By admin
Does Pasquale Rotella Earns Enough to Live a Lavish Life: What About His Overall Net Worth

Pasquale Rotella was born in August 1974, in Glendale, California USA. He is a businessman and philanthropist, who is best known for creating his own company, "Insomniac Events". This Company is one of the most successful when talking about the production of electronic music events, such as "Electric Daisy Carnival", "Nocturnal Wonderland" and others.

If we Consider how rich Pasquale Rotella is, it can be said that Rotella's estimated net worth is $10 million. The main source of this sum of money is, of course, Pasquale's company and its activities.

Pasquale Rotella Net Worth $10 Million

Rotella's Parents had their own restaurant in which Rotella also worked and gained experience and knowledge about the business world. As a normal teenager, Pasquale liked parties and spending time with his friends.

CAPTION: Pasquale Rotella in Electric Taco

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Then in 1991 one of the parties at "La Casa" hade a huge effect on him, and inspired him to become an organizer himself. In 1993 Rotella created his now renowned company called "Insomniac Events". Of course, at first, Rotella had to work really hard in order to become acclaimed and known among the similar other companies.

CAPTION: Insomniac Events

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"Insomniac Events" is responsible for one of the most famous events of electronic music, "Electric Daisy Carnival". The popularity of this event gained Rotella the most powerful people in electronic dance music. Step by step Rotella and his company gained more fans and popularity.

The High-Volume Luxury Mansions of the Electronic Dance Music

The Stunning growth of Pasquale Rotella,s electronic dance music empire from 300 person warehouse raves around Los Angles. More than 400,000 attended in Las Vegas show made him a rich man.
The World of glow sticks and umph-umph-umph music estimated to grow up. In 2015 it generates more than $200,000 a night for the producer. Considering the success of electric daisy carnival and his relationship with Madison. 

CAPTION: In 2010 when they were married

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To talk about Pasquale Rotella’s personal life, it can be said that in 2013 he married a well-known model, Holly Madison, with whom he has one child. All in all, Pasquale Rotella is a very talented and hardworking person.
Now he is considered to be one of the most successful and acclaimed event organizers and businessmen. Rotella and his company have already achieved a lot and became respected by other similar companies.