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Does European-American Actor Tommy Wiseau Earn Below Average in The Industry: What About His Overall Net Worth?

Published Sun May 26 2019 By Hunk
Does European-American Actor Tommy Wiseau Earn Below Average in The Industry: What About His Overall Net Worth?

Thomas Wiseau is a European-American actor, filmmaker, producer, and director he is considered famous because of starring in the 2003 film The Room, which has been described as one of the worst movies ever and got cult film status. He is also the director of the 2004 documentary Homeless in America and created the 2015 Sitcom The Neighbors.

Thomas Wiseau's Net Worth

Thomas is considered to have a net worth of just $500 thousand. We used the term just here because he has been working in the entertainment industry for about 15 years yet his net worth is a low thing, considering other people of the same field, they make such amount or more through just single project. 

For some people, this might seem like quite a bit of money but still if considering him as a celebrity, it's below average.

Why Thomas Wiseau's Net Worth is Low?

Okay, now we know that he has a considerably low net worth, but the question is why, shouldn't he be multi-millionaire? Yes guys, considering his work and the field he is working it should have been that way but is not. 

There are few answers to the questions and we are gonna cover them so let's begin.  

1. Projects

The first thing is that he hasn't been involved in big projects, which made huge returns. In fact, he has starred or has been involved in low budget or unsuccessful projects. So, this might be the reason for his low fortune.

2. Psychology

Most of his fans may know but for those who don't let us tell you that Tommy has psychology of not being in the limelight. Some of you may have noticed that he refuses to go into public situations; he usually uses dark sunglasses or some other type of method so that people won’t recognize who he is. This type of psychology can make it challenging to make a lot of money in the Hollywood because it stops him from making connections with those right people that could potentially make it happen. 

3. Number of project and self-satisfaction

Most of Hollywood celebrities has a tendency of taking multiple projects and work accordingly as required. But Thomas has a different tendency he only works in a single project at a time which costs him to give his time just for one project, his most money for one project and he also won't public any project until he makes it the way he wants it to be.

So, you can see why he has a below-average income and net worth.

Tommy Wiseau's 'The Room' funding and earning

The reason we are going to cover this in a separate heading is if he only has a net worth of $500 thousand then how did he finance a $6 million project. And if the room was the worst movie according to some then how did it earn. Okay now talking about reasons we have made some theories, remember guys these are just theories, not truth. So, the thing goes as following.

Tommy is considered to have a bit of success in the retail industry in an interview he stated, 

"I tell you a little bit, but that’s it. We import from Korea the leather jackets that we design here in America. If you work, you have to save money, right? I didn’t get money from the sky. I was preparing, let’s put it this way."

so, we guess its one of the reasons.

Tommy considers Greg Sestero his best friend, and come on you would also share everything with your best-friend, right? and so did Tommy The Room co-star and the co-author of The Disaster Artist book have said Wiseau told him his money came from flipping real estate in San Francisco.

This might just be another reason on how he earned money to fund his so-called worst movie ever made.