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home gossip Did Playboy Model Amanda Cerny fall in love after relationship with Justin Beiber? Know her affairs

Did Playboy Model Amanda Cerny fall in love after relationship with Justin Beiber? Know her affairs

Published Sat Aug 19 2017 By Chandra Rana
Did Playboy Model Amanda Cerny fall in love after relationship with Justin Beiber? Know her affairs

Relationship status of a celebrity is an attention seeking thing, and it's so exciting for everyone to get updated about the love affairs of their favorite celebrity. So we have a sexy and gorgeous,  Amanda Cerny, also famous for her funny vines is ruling the hearts of many with her flawless beauty and talent. Cerny, fitness professional, is hitting the headlines not only for her Youtube videos but also for her love-life as well.

Surely, you may be willing to know about Cerny's love affair, aren't you? Then, be ready to know about your favorite vine star, as we explore your celebrity's love life. So do scroll, slowly ;)

Know about Cerny's love life and her Dating profile:

Vine Star, Cerny who had the rumor to have a relationship with "Baby-Baby" singer Justin Beiber, appears to be so choosy regarding her relationship in 2016. The issue became viral as the photo of Amanda and Beiber with neck hug was seen on the social medias.

|Amanda Cerny

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But, the relationship couldn't survive much as in the same year, they gave a highlight of separation in the news. Wait, it's not over yet, there is more to know. So don't shy away in a hurry. Let's quickly find out what else do we have on our bucket?

Relationship With Dane Cook

So-freaking sexy and glamour girl, Cerny's love story can also be seen with popular comedian and actor, Dane Cook. They had to admit their love affair after they were spotted, sharing romance in Hawaii beach in August 2010.

      Cerney enjoying her holiday with Dane Cook
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But, they didn't appear so serious in love as they broke up in mutuality. We can't say that two cool people can't hang out and have a good time with each other. So on that note, let's move further in!

Know more about Cerny's relationship: Relationship With King Bach

Well, Amanda, back in 2015 was in a relationship with the vine star, King Bach, representing themselves as the hottest couple on the internet. But unfortunately, the couple love couldn't give continuity to the relationship. However, the reason for their break-up is still a question mark.

 Amanda and her ex-boyfriend King Bach
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What's the current relationship status of Amanda Cerny?? Is she single or in a love affair?

The dazzling queen, Cerny who introduced herself as Playmate model in PlayBoy Magazine is much talked about her controversial relationship with many famous celebrities.

Becoming popular due to funny and sexy posts and YouTube videos, Cerny, who earned millions of social media followers, was seen often hanging-out with many Vine Stars like King Bach, Lele Pons, Josh Peck and Jake Paul.

Along with her career progression, she seemed to have enjoyed her love life as it's obvious for everyone to love and to be loved.

                                                              Beauty with talent "Amanda"


But, the question that remains is who is she currently dating? Who is that lucky guy to be in the relationship with the hotty Cerny? Well, let's quench the thirst of your curiosity.

Well, the 26 years old, every man's fantasy queen, Cerny is currently reported to be single. Renowned as a media personality,"The Snapchat Queen", Cerny seems to have been busy in her passion making Vine videos, TV appearance and photo shoots.

Cerny, concerned about her career has not posted anything about her relationship in recent. Seems like  Cerny is enjoying her single life pretty well, as she per her tweet in twitter. 


Though we can't say that, as after few well-gossiped breakup she might have mastered the art of paparazzi and may be dating someone in silence. But only she or the time can tell. For now, we wish all the best for her further. To know about her keep up with us.