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home gossip 'Dancing with the Stars' Member Sharna Burgess Dating a Boyfriend or She is Secretly Enjoying Life WIth Her Husband

'Dancing with the Stars' Member Sharna Burgess Dating a Boyfriend or She is Secretly Enjoying Life WIth Her Husband

Published Wed May 22 2019 By admin
'Dancing with the Stars' Member Sharna Burgess Dating a Boyfriend or She is Secretly Enjoying Life WIth Her Husband

Sharna Burgess was born on 21st June 1985 in New South Wales, Australia and is popular as a ballerina and favoring dancer in Dancing With The Stars, an Australian and American version show.

The Glamorous and stunning Sharna is 33 and it is natural for boiling beauty like her to be linked with her co-dancers of Dancing With The Stars as she has to perform and share intimate moves and steps. 

Sharna Was With Bonnie Bolton; Boyfriend Or Husband?

Sharna was bracketed with her co-star, Bonnie Bolton in 26th series of Dancing With The Stars. Bonnie was a bull rider and had joined the show as a celebrity dancer. Sharna and Bonnie came closer in no time. Their implausible on-stage chemistry was largely appreciated by the fans.


CAPTION: Sharna Burgess in the arms of Bonnie Bolton off-stage


 People even wondered if there is something fishy between them but Sharna completely denied this thought of her fans. she stated,

 "Oh gosh, I am a professional. Look, we have a lot of chemistry and we have a lot of fun, but first and foremost we are trying to do a really great job in this competition. I want Bonner to be around until the end and I want to take this man to the finale. That is our priority. Everyone is making a lot of our really obvious chemistry."

Sharna's statement clarified that they have nothing more than a good friend or a student-teacher relationship although, for sure they have shared bosom physical steps on stage.

Sharna Once Dated Paul Kirkland...

Sharna and dancer Paul Kirkland were dating each other for more than 5 years until they broke up in 2015.

CAPTION: Sharna Burgess and Paul KIrkland


Afterward, Sharana wrote a consoling phrase on her Blog in 2017 which stated, "no man is an social and not just online!! Enjoy time with friends, Join a club, go on a hike with someone, and work on appreciating others and taking notice and interest in them as they will in you."

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Sharna Burgess's Professed Affairs, Pierson Fode & Josh Norman

According to a news report in 2017, Sharna was dating actor Pierson Fode. The news report also confirmed that Sharna took Pierson to Hinchcliffe race. Both Pierson and Sharna uploaded the picture of the race in their Instagram account. 

CAPTION: Sharna Burgess

SOURCE: Instagram


Sharna even went to Pierson's birthday party and Pierson came to visit Sharna on the road during the Dancing with the Stars tour in 2017. Sharna never divulged about her relationship with Pierson.

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There were rumors in media that Sharna even had an affair with Josh Norman, an American Football Cornerback, on Dancing with the Stars: Athletes. 

Opposing to the rumors, in an interview with ET Online on April 2018, she said, "I am the only single woman on the show, so naturally, if there is anyone that people are gonna think there is a showmance for, I am your girl, apparently."

This helped a lot to shut the mouth of media talking about her affairs. Since Sharna never admitted her aligned relationship, it is difficult to say what the truth is.