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Christian von Koenigsegg Has a Huge Net Worth From His Car Selling Business; A Look Into His Lifestyle

Published Sun Jul 21 2019 By Sea
Christian von Koenigsegg Has a Huge Net Worth From His Car Selling Business; A Look Into His Lifestyle

A line of cars named after you is not a joke and being the owner of a famous brand of a high performance sports car, you can expect Christian von Koenigsegg to be living pretty large.

With no Engineering degree or manufacturing background, one has to work incredibly hard to gain success like (Mr.) Koenigsegg. Of course, with a company that produces one product every few years, he does not seem to be doing much but its cars. Make a million dollar one and replicate to sell them to the billionaires.

Let's find more about his earnings and net worth, and how his incomes from cars has enhances his lifestyle.

Meet The $100+ Million Man, Or A Brand Of Cars

Christian von Koenigsegg is the Founder and CEO of Koenigsegg Automobile AB, the Swedish high-performance automobile manufacturer that produces one of the fastest, if not the fastest, line of sports cars The Koenigsegg itself. His net worth is over US$100 million as of early 2019 but is believed to be up to $125 million already.

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Koenigsegg Automobile has produced a total of 135 cars over the years, for an average of almost $2 million per car in current value. To attain the demands of billionaire public, there is a plan to even produce 1000 cars per year with 80 units of Koenigsegg Regera under production and 125 units of Koenigsegg Jesko to be produced within 2021.

Christian Von Koenigsegg at the unveiling of the Koenigsegg Jesko at the Geneva Motor Show for 7-17 March, 2019
Christian Von Koenigsegg at the unveiling of the Koenigsegg Jesko at the Geneva Motor Show on 7-17 March 2019

Source: Björn Ewenfeldt / TT, Sydsvenskan

The Koenigsegg sells very fast, all build slots reserved even before its complete manufacture. Consider the 1600 HP/300 mph, 2.8 million dollars Koenigsegg Jesko whose 125 build slots were sold out within a week or so of it's unveiling at the Geneva International Motor Show (GIMS) in 2019. The production begins in early 2020 with the aim of one car per week.

Like Every "Normal" Person, He Started Slow And From Scratch! But He Had Support, Determination And Well... Luck.

Koenigsegg's car dream was since he was six years old, but started a trading company at 19 years old because he believed he needed to collect some money before jumping into the big-money business. In 1994, he started his "Koenigsegg Project" alongside a friend with a garage and $200,000 of his own seed money.

As for support, his entrepreneur of a father injected a $300,000 loan the next year and $2 million over the next few years until nearly with no money left, just because he believed it could work. That kept him going even more.

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No money and a family-like group of employees were his motivations going forward. Koenigsegg eventually started doing speeches and seminars for money. During the time, the first prototype Koenigsegg CC was completed in 1996.

Koenigsegg with his Koenigsegg CC Prototype back in 1996
Koenigsegg with his Koenigsegg CC Prototype back in 1996


Then came the boom of Swedish tech and telecom entrepreneurs in 1999, the company got its first venture capitalism with 20 investors and $2 million.

He also gave shares of his company to some suppliers and finally, the first commercial Koenigsegg - the CC8S was brought off the production line in 2003 for a starting price of just above $350,000.

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The company produces record-breaking speed cars but are not used in big races. It did not have a platform like the Ferraris did with a century of manufacturing and racing victories. It rivaled the speed but made cars for millionaires/billionaires who want to whoosh through the streets.

Koenigsegg Himself Does Not Drive A Koenigsegg!

You'd think an owner of his brand of car drives the car he produces. But not Christian von Koenigsegg. The five times record-breaking Koenigsegg Agera RS or any of his hypercars don't reside in his garage but a $94,900 Tesla Model S P85+ does, which he bought back in 2013.

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Source: Tesla on Twitter

The charismatic Koenigsegg actually uses the Tesla as a daily driving and family car and loves it.

"I ordered it as soon as it became available because I was curious as to what the car could do. I loved it. Fantastic, amazing, incredible. It’s one of the best driving experiences ever, which is saying a lot for something that’s supposed to be a ‘normal’ car."

Christian Shares Koenigsegg With His Woman And His Work Is His Vacation

Yes, there is a Mrs. Koenigsegg. Koenigsegg met his wife Halldora von Koenigsegg more than 27 years ago during their studies in Brussels, Belgium and married in 2000.

Christian von Koenigsegg and Halldora von Koenigsegg in a 2009 Koenigsegg CCXR

Source: Di Weekend/

His wife is the Chief Operating Officer (COO) in Koenigsegg Automobiles AB and the president of his first trading company Alpraaz. Her part of the garage contains a Tesla Model S, a Land Rover Evoque and a Mazda Miata.

Mrs. Koenigsegg has been, quote, "totally instrumental" in the company's progress, even in its "no money" moments. She would put up with apologizing and begging for 50 suppliers 50 times a day. She has helped him lead to where they are now.

The couple live five minutes away from the beach in Sweden and have a little boat. The Koenigseggs don't particularly separate work from vacation but sometimes do get away from it all with beach vacations or book reading.

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His passion is inventing things since all the parts of the cars were produced by the company itself and he likes to think he doesn't work, he vacates :

I always say, “I’ve never worked a day in my life.” I only work on things I like to do. That also means it’s not so horrible to mix it when you’re always doing it out of passion. It’s not work, it’s passion.

The Future Of Koenigsegg

The target of 1000 cars per year started with a $168.3 million (€150 million) stake acquired by the Chinese backed Swedish start-up National Electric Vehicle Sweden (NEVS) in early 2019.

It can be considered not far from the annual 10,000 cars of Lamborghini and Ferrari. The main advantage of the deal with NEVS would be the acquisition of NEVS' factory in Trollhättan, Sweden.

The Koenigsegg brand is sold worldwide, producing a handful of right-hand-drive ones as well aside from its standard left-hand-drive ones among the few productions, and aims to produce 300 mph exceeding cars.