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Charlie Carver is Rumored to Be a Gay, Know About his Affairs and Boyfriend

Published Sat Jun 15 2019 By Rajeev Singh
Charlie Carver is Rumored to Be a Gay, Know About his Affairs and Boyfriend

Coming out as gay can be as daunting as gets, but for this Teen Wolf star, things might have been a little facile, being born to a father who has gone through the exact same thing regarding sexuality.

But just how bad is being on the wrong end of the blank? Charlie has wonderfully dealt with this in a positive style especially with the changing stories and talks regarding homosexuality in the present-day world. And he might have just leaked evidence or two with his prospective love partner.

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Charlie came out publically as gay and explained his awkward relationship with his father

The Teen Wolf and Desperate Housewives star came out publicly for the first time through a series of Instagram posts after achieving television success, but with many heartfelt expressions about his difficult childhood, and a year or so later, about his gay father who had come out to Charlie at 12.

 “In the way that sons and fathers can have beef regardless of [sexual] orientation, it was just something where I wanted to be able to define myself, set my own rules, and I felt like I had all of a sudden someone who I was gonna be forced to become, and I didn’t wanna be like him,”

Carver said this a year after he had come out publically as gay, on top of admitting he resented his father at the beginning. However, he did follow his dad’s pathway and appreciated him for having taught him in a way, how to deal with it.

 “I think he taught me, in the way that he lived his life, that your sexuality doesn’t define you,” he said.

Watching his dad, first hand, go through the struggle of being himself, Charlie got to be himself real early.

“It kind of propelled me into being louder and brasher and more experimental. And I think that hurt his feelings sometimes, but I think he was also grateful.

It is obvious the boy tried his best to be normal but surrendered to the inevitable. It wasn’t until he was in his late teens that he announced he was gay despite knowing from a very young age that he was different from his straight twin brother, Max who didn’t put on his mom’s makeups and dresses.

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Carver is dating Steve Miller

Actor Charlie Carver is hardly known to be dating anyone. As difficult as it was, Craver got busted through social media. He went out of character and shared a photo of a dashing looking man on Valentine’s Day with a caption “happy <3 day.” It showed the two guys in a series of poses, along with fridge magnets suggesting they had gone to Europe tour together. The guy was claimed to be called Steve Miller by one of Craver’s Twitter followers, and among all Steves on the Instagram, this one is followed by Charlie himself and has shared many pictures together with him in group photos. 

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Charlie Craver and Steve Miller