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home gossip Cecilia Balagot Bio, Age, Height, Father, parents, Movies, TV Shows, Net Worth, Boyfriend

Cecilia Balagot Bio, Age, Height, Father, parents, Movies, TV Shows, Net Worth, Boyfriend

Published Tue Mar 12 2019 By admin
Cecilia Balagot Bio, Age, Height, Father, parents, Movies, TV Shows, Net Worth, Boyfriend


Cecilia Balagot (born April 2, 2001, Long Beach, California) also known as Ceci Balagot is an American actress who began her career as a child model at age 7 mostly as a recurring character in TV series such as ER, Desperate Housewives, Girl Meets World. 

Early life and education

Balagot was born to Ed Balagot and Carolyn Balagot. Her mom Carolyn Balagot was a musical theatre geek. She has two brothers. Though not much about her ancestry is known she has claimed that she is half Filipino.

She mostly credits her learning institute to Orange Country School of Arts(OCSA). The institute was her guidance throughout her portrayal of her then well-known character Isadora Smackle in Girl Meets World.


ER, Desperate Housewives: Emerging as a child actress

Cecilia first TV appearance was a one time character in a TV series ER. She played Jenny Mode in the series's 15th season, episode five entitled Haunted. 

She has since appeared in ABC's comedy-drama and mystery series Desperate Housewives. In the series, she was reappearing as Grace Sanchez, a switched at the birth character and biological daughter of Carlos Solis and Gabrielle Solis played by Ricardo Antonio and Eva Longoria respectively.

Girl Meets World: Breakthrough 

Cecilia Balagot's major recognition came through the role of Isadora Smackle, yet another recurring character in Girl Meets World, a spin-off series of more successful parent series Boy Meets World. She played Smackle, Farkle's(played by Corey Fogelmanis) rival, and eventual girlfriend.

Over the series run, her portrayal of Isadora, a girl diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome yet confident and intelligent overachiever type, with nerdy temptations led the showrunners to include her character in multiple story arc which was initially planned for the one-time appearance. 

Personal life, Networth, Relationships, Physical appearance

Balagot currently resides in LA, California. She has maintained her life as quite a loner off-camera as she has not been so public about her relationships. In the interview done with HS insider in 2015, she stated that she is particularly close with her on-screen love interest Farkle of Girl Meets World played by Corey Fogelmanis and considers him as her best friend. As a matter of fact, they both have a common interest in musical theatre.

CAPTION: Corey (left) and Cecilia (right) during Girl Meets World's days

SOURCE: HS insider

Having started acting from a very young age, according to various online sources, her now net worth is estimated to be around half a million dollar. 

Balagot stands 5 ft in height. As per her ancestry,  she has somewhat of Filipino face structure with partial American girlish tone.


Cecilia Balagot has acted alongside Isaac Presley and Marlhy Murphy in a TV film, A History of Radness(2015). She was in the supporting role of the character named Portia.

She landed her first co-lead role of Sydney in the comedy film, Growing up and down which got canceled shortly due to the lack of support from Disney's executive.

Motor riding, reading the marine world and listening to the vintage vinyl records are among her leisure's activities.