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Canadain Chef Matty Matheson's Relationship With Wife Trish Spencer and His Past Affairs

Published Fri May 31 2019 By Travis
Canadain Chef Matty Matheson's Relationship With Wife Trish Spencer and His Past Affairs

The eccentric media personality, Matty Matheson, is a Canadian chef and social media celebrity. Matheson frequents on Viceland's It's Suppertime and Dead Set on Life.

He became famous not only for his wild personality but also for his devoted dedication towards his now wife, Trish Spencer.

Canadian Chef Matty's Relationship with his Wife Trish Spencer.

There is nothing more endearing than a love relationship that started before the couple even knew what they wanted with their lives. That is what happened here the couple met when they were teenagers and have been inseparable ever since.

Matty and Trish before prom

Studying in Catholic school together, the two lovebirds formed a deep bond that has lasted for almost 20 years.

The bond that these two have is just amazing, on the one side there is Matty who, as she describes it, "He’s kind of a brand whore" he wears a mix mash of everything, whereas she is a toned down personality to his eccentric one.

The day he proposed to his wife on April fool's day is a funny story, he claimed to had cut his fingers in the kitchen and started shouting for Trish. She rushed down to help him and there he was, holding a ring, with a smile on his face. Trish  said in an interview;

The best part is that he didn’t even know it was April Fools.

Matty Matheson and his Marriage to Trish Spencer; What About Their Kids?

The Social media personality and wedding planner, Matty and Trish, got married in 2014 in a private ceremony. The bride looked lavish in a white gown with a long cut on the back. Trish also had a beautiful crown made of yellow and white roses, which made her dress stand out even more.

The groom, though not able to upstage his beautiful wife-to-be, also looked dashing in a blue two piece suit with a plain white shirt and a blue tie.

The couple during their wedding.

Source: warosu

The couple exchanged diamond rings and vows. Matty describes his wedding day as one of his happiest day, ever!

After almost 16 years together and more than two years of marriage, the couple invited in a son, MacArthur Myer Matheson, on March 15. 2016.

The couple with their son MacArthur

Loving father and devoted husband, Matty is not shy, posting about his children all the time. The three of them hit the beach together, swimming and he tosses his son up in the sky, which is scary but equally adorable. He cooks for his wife when she has a stressful day and also for his son, who loves it.

The Canadian power couple recently welcomed their second child, a daughter, Rizzo Louise.

What about Matty's Past Relationships?

The celebrity chef is the epitome of one relationship man. He met his now wife in the late 90s and they have been together for almost twenty years of relationship and six years of marriage.

He is tattooed from neck to ankle and looks like a really carefree person, but his love and dedication towards his wife should be an example for all men.