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Barron Trump: Son of Donald Trump with his third wife

Published Wed Mar 01 2017 By Uttam Satyal
Barron Trump: Son of Donald Trump with his third wife

Among the five children of  Donald Trump, Barron Trump is mostly watched children by  public. The son of recent President-elect and famous real state American businessman, Barron Trump is the youngest child in Trump family born in 2006. He is one and only child from the third wife and first lady of  Donald Trump, Melania Trump. He studies at the private school in  Manhattan.

According to the Donald Trump, this little Trump is techno savvy and good at the computer which is unbelievable. Jr Trump enjoys wearing suits and ties like his father and he is fluent in  speaking  Slovene as well. Melania Trump, his mother, explains that her child is strong minded, opinionated and smart boy. She finds  Barron as a mixture of her and Mr. Trump in terms of look but then she names him as "Little Donald ".

Barron has attended Columbia Grammar and Preparatory school in New York City. When he is not in school he spends most of his time in  Trump Tower. There is  28 years gap between Donald Trump Jr and Barron.He had appeared on a stage at Republican National Convention and also with his father at an election campaign.During Trump's  victory campaign  Barron was with his father and was been noticed by the public.He desperately tried his best to keep his eye open during the 24-hour party but it was literally hard for him. It is hoped that in future little Trump will be handling some position in his father's business as his step brothers have been doing.

It is said that first lady Melania and Barron will be joining White House with Donald Trump later after the inaugurations ceremony of President Trump. As per Melania she will move to White House as needed and may move with Barron for his next year school.