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Ata Johnson Wiki, Bio, Age, Height, Body Measurements, Siblings, Net Worth, Cancer, Grandchildren

Published Tue Mar 12 2019 By admin
Ata Johnson Wiki, Bio, Age, Height, Body Measurements, Siblings, Net Worth, Cancer, Grandchildren

Ata Johnson: Wiki, Bio, Age

Today, Ata Maivia Johnson is known mostly because of her son, Dwayne Johnson who is a former WWE superstar and a Hollywood star, who is known worldwide.

Previously, she was known for having a wrestling bloodline. Her father, Peter Maivia, was a professional Samoan wrestler and her mother, Lia Maivia, was a wrestling promoter. Moreover, her husband, Wayde Douglas, also was a legendary wrestler. 

Though her parents were originally Samoan, Ata is an American national. She was born in Hawaii, USA, on 25 October 1948. Her birth name is Feagaimaleta Fitisemanu Maivia. She turned 70 on 25 October 2018

Ata Johnson: Height, Body Measurement, Weight

Ata Johnson's exact height is not known to the public but they know how tall she is. She looks an average American woman's height. Standing beside her 6 feet 5-inch tall son, Dwayne Johnson, she reaches to his chin. Hence, she might be around 5 feet 8-inch tall. She might as well be either taller or shorter but not much different. 

The exact measurement of Ata Johnson's body is unknown as well. In the first place, she looks chubby. Her relative WWE divas Nia Jax and Tamina are also overweight. Her only son, Dwayne Johnson, is 118 kg. Since she has a massive body, there is no denying that she must be approximately 100 kg. 

Ata Johnson: Family, Children, Grandchildren, Siblings

Ata Johnson was married to Peter Maivia, the WWE Hall of Famer Rocky Johnson (Wayde Douglas) on 22 December 1978. Unfortunately, this couple called it quits in 2003

Ata Maivia's father, Peter Maivia, was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2008 by grandson son, The Rock. Ata also attended the ceremony and shared her thoughts about him when she looked quite emotional. Ata's father died of cancer at the age of 45 in 1982 and her mother breathed her last on 19 October 2008 when she was 81.

Rocky Johnson and Ata Johnson's gave birth to only one child, Dwayne Johnson. He is known in the WWE as The Rock. He calls himself the most electrifying man in the world. It is undeniable as well because he has inspired millions of people worldwide through both acting and wrestling. Ata Johnson often accompanies her son to television shows. 

CAPTION: Ata Johnson and Rocky Johnson with their son, Dwayne Johnson.

SOURCE: People

Ata cares for Dwayne as well as his wife Lauren Hashian very well and they equally love her in return. Dwayne married bodybuilder Dany Garcia in 1997 from whom he has a gorgeous daughter, Simone Alexandria. Dwayne and Dany divorced in 2007, shortly followed by his affair with Lauren which lasts till date. 

From Lauren, Dwayne Johnson has two children, Jasmine Johnson, born 2015, and Tiana Gia Johnson, born in 2018. Ata Johnson has a huge love for both her grandchildren. 

Ata Johnson has two brothers, Peter Maivia Jr. and Toa Maivia who were born on 14 August 1965 and 2 September 1980 respectively. Peter Jr. also is a wrestler. 

Ata Johnson: Net Worth, Home, Car

Ata Johnson has always been in a prominent family from her parents' time. However, she might as well have faced difficulties because she had to give in to her parents' decision. She had wanted to become a fashion designer as well as a singer. There might be reasons but she is known neither as a fashion designer nor as a singer. 

The public does not know Ata Johnson's net worth. However, they know that she is in arguably the best time of her life because she has a son who owns $220 million. 

Not much is revealed about her car. However, according to The Daily Mail she was driving an SUV with her niece, Nia Jax, when they were hit by another car.