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home gossip Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver Dinner with kids in LA, find the reason behind separation

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver Dinner with kids in LA, find the reason behind separation

Published Sun Aug 20 2017 By Chandra Rana
Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver Dinner with kids in LA, find the reason behind separation

No one can escape love, there is no end to it. "The Terminator" actor Arnold Schwarzenegger reuniting with his ex-wife Maria Shriver for family dinner along with their kids, justified the statement. 

The couple who were parted in 2011 are living in separation, however officially, they have not divorced.But, when it comes to the happiness of the kids, both Arnold and Maria seems to be so concentrated as they had a lovable family dinner together despite their ended love life. 

By the way, you may be thinking, why did they get separated and why are they reuniting after all??

So, let's knock off your curiousness and address the fact.

Reunion of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver with Kids

Love of family, an emotional attachment! made Schwarzenegger recall the memories and enjoy the moment as he had his memorable Father's Day-out with his kids and Maria (Ex-wife). The lovable family united to celebrate in L.A on Thursday.


Schwarzenegger family

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Arnold and Marie appear to be in good terms despite their separation as the family so cheerfully enjoyed the dinner moment, not less than a union party. 

Though Arnold is not living with his family, this couldn't resist his love for his children. 
Schwarzenegger, also the former governor of California, made out his Father's Day with his children, Kathrine, Christina and Patrick along with ex-wife Maria.















Arnold Schwarzenegger and his ex- wife Maria Shriver with their Children

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Reports illustrate that the youngest son, Christopher was not seen in the family moment but the reasons for his absence has not been exposed.

The Terminator star, in the event shared a humble and hearty hug with his eldest son, Patrick.

Schwarzenegger and his elder son Patrick sharing a hearty hug


Maria, with her flawless beauty even after technical retirement, at the age of 61 was seen walking close to her ex-husband Arnold after the dinner. The family emotion was not only seen with Arnold, also Maria got a rubbing on her shoulder from her son Patrick.

 Arnold  Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver

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The Austrian bodybuilder, Schwarzenegger is seen to be in so much love with his family, then, what caused the separation of Shriver and Schwarzenegger?
It's surely hitting your brain, ain't it? Let's dig out the reasons, keep scrolling.



Why did Schwarzenegger and Shriver decide to give a full stop to their marital relation? Know here.

Separation and divorce are receiving big headlines in Hollywood, as we hear lots of celebrities giving an end to their relationship. As for now, talking about Schwarzenegger and Shriver, the couple been married for 25 years, is living their life like crossroads.

Shriver, with four children, could not give full-time for her job and no longer First Lady, she in confusion, proposed a question in Youtube video," How do you deal with transitions in your life?" Reviewing the question, it can be said that she was not quite enjoying her situation at that time.



On the other hand, Schwarzenegger being busy in his issue, couldn't give much attention regarding his wife Maria and children.

But, a scandal tore off the 25 years of happy marriage of  Shriver and Schwarzenegger and lead the family to separation. Arnold's big secret was revealed as he was exposed having an affair with his employee Mildred Patricia "Patty" Baena and also had a son with Patricia.

 Soon after the incident, in 2001 the couple decided to split.


Ex-couple Arnold and Maria

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Surely, it was not an acceptable issue for Shriver, as a result, it cost Schwarzenegger to lose his family and
happiness. So, during a 2004 Reddit AMA, Schwarzenegger told commentators, " I'm least proud of the mistakes I made that caused my family pain and split us up." showing his regrets.

Well, there is more you need to see. It seems that Schwarzenegger ironically is asking Maria for apology accept as he appears with the word "Terminate Hate" in his appearance.

Schwarzenegger displaying message through his Tee

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Don't you think, it won't be full of a surprise if Arnold celebrates another Father's Day? Who knows, let's see what the time has to tell about it.