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American YouTuber Trisha Paytas' Career Achievement and Net Worth She Has Managed

Published Fri May 31 2019 By Yasmine
American YouTuber Trisha Paytas' Career Achievement and Net Worth She Has Managed

The 31-year-old Trisha Kay Paytas is successful YouTuber, singer, author and entrepreneur. This American influencer, who is famous for being honest and speaking her mind has created quite a fan following for herself.

She has around seven million subscribers on YouTube, 2.5 million followers on Instagram, half a million in Twitter and another half an million on Facebook.

This following in turn has made her one of the most prominent social media personality and darlings of many brands. Behind every success, there is always an interesting story, and Paytas surely has one. 

Did you know your favorite YouTuber started her career as an Escort!

YES, you heard it right. Paytas parents divorced early, and she did not a stable family and income growing up. As a result, she worked as an escort, stripper, and sex worker to support herself. She has no regret about her working as a sugar baby and has stated the following:

No one ever asked me to the prom when I was at school, so it was cool that guys wanted to pay me to be naked. When I started out, I got $4,000 with the lower people. But then I got paid $50,000 from a National Basketball Association player. I have had guys ask me to do weird things, and it can be scary. But I enjoyed my time.



She revisited her stripping skills in the music video of her new song, Chicken Parmesan, and Heartbreak.

Paytas appeared as Jessica Simpson in Eminem Video

Before YouTube, the Tarantino fan, Paytas, did many small acting jobs. In 2006, she worked as a correspondent on short-lived Greg Behrendt Show

In 2007, she appeared in an Amy Winehouse's song and in 2009, she appeared as Jessica Simpson in Eminem's video We made You.


Paytas is a Pioneer of Mukbang and Haul videos

In 2007, Paytas started her first YouTube channel, blndsundoll4mj, where she used to do trolling videos such as eating gross food, having an emotional breakdown in kitchen and musing whether dogs have brain or not. 

After gaining some viewers, she moved towards doing haul videos and in 2014, she started doing Mukbang videos. 

She used to eat a massive amount of food and talk to the audience. She also did eating challenges such as eating 10,000 calories in a day or eating McDonald breakfast food. 

Her videos were gaining popularity, and in 2014, she started another vlogging style YouTube channel Trish Paytas where she puts her music and vlogs. 

Trisha Paytas doing mukbang in the period.


Is Trisha Paytas Rich? How much is her Net worth?

The short answer is YES! Paytas' net worth is estimated to be $4 million. The primary source for her wealth is her YouTube channels. 

The channels collectively have more than two billion views. She earns around $3,000 per day and more than 1.5 million in a year just from YouTube ad revenue. 

Also, she does a lot of brand partnership and the promotions for brands and products such as BOOMBOD, , Glitterbitchbox can be seen across her social media platform.



Trisha Paytas is an Entrepreneur and She is a Successful One

She has a merchandise line on her name from which she earns a decent amount. Also, in 2013, she launched her limited edition perfume Trish, and in 2014, she launched her skin care product range Feel like Trish.

Perfume by Trisha Paytas 

Source: Trisha Time !

She also has 18+ Patreon podcast account. The membership fee ranges from $1 per to 100 per month for 1 hour podcast. At present, she has more than 3,500 patreons and earns about 20,000 a month and $240,000 in a year.

Also, Paytas is a singer and has released seven albums including Daddy Issues, which reached #25 on Billboard Heatseekers Chart. She is an author and has written six books till 2018 including, History of my Insanity, The Stripper Diaries and Curvy and Loving It.

How does Trisha Spent her Riches?

Trisha has a luxurious life and has affinity for luxurious brands. She enjoys buying high end brands such as Louis Vuitton, Victoria Secret. She recently gave her friend Emilia Fart, Gucci Makeover worth $8,000.

In 2016, she bought $2 million house in Hollywood Hills that have four bedrooms, three bathrooms, a swimming pool, games room, and a garden terrace. 

Trisha Paytas Hollywood Hills Home

Source: YouTube

She drives her statement pink Mercedes G Wagon. The wagon is estimated to be $180,000. However, with customization such as Swarovski crystals in the headrests and steering wheels and customized floor mats, the amount of the car is much more.

Mercedes G wagon of Trisha Paytas

Source: Pinterest

Well, Trisha Paytas' word: 

just another dumb blonde...but with a brain.