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American TV Personality Dave Hester's Net Worth and Career Achievements

Published Tue Mar 12 2019 By admin
American TV Personality Dave Hester's Net Worth and Career Achievements

One of the famous television personality Dave Hester ”the Mogul” is known for his appearing in the A&E show Storage Wars. Also, Dave has been involved in charity events and business for 25 years.

Dave Hester's has accumulated the net worth of $4 million. With the help of TV series, he is able to add his net worth. Without not getting delay lets to talk about Dave Hester Net Worth and his Career Achievement.

What is the Net Worth Of TV Personality Dave Hester?

According to some source, Dave Hester has maintained the net worth of $4 million. Which Dave has earned through his acting in “Storage Wars” TV show and from his business activities too. From the TV series, Hester is able to add revenue to his net worth. After the re-signed agreement of $25,000 per episode in the third season of Storage Wars. Dave received a salary of $829,500 per annum which include$124,500 for his expense and $2500 per month for his travel.

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At Dave age, there is each plausibility that Dave will adhere to his picked vocation way and expand his business thereof. With the expansion in progress and popularity, Dave's total assets will increment over the coming years.


Close by the income from the arrangement. As a matter of fact, Dave has a solitary house whose evaluated esteem is $357,600. The house has four rooms and two washrooms with a region of 1,263 square foot. Dave obtained the house for $155,500 on 27 September 1995.

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After Kicking Out From the show, What Dave Hester Doing Now?

Taking about Dave Hester's when he was only five, Dave used to go to various closeouts with his dad where he could see the things in sell-offs, see the biddings and from those encounters Dave took in a lot. So it is no curveballs that, Dave grew up to be much the same as his dad.

 When Hester's was 14, he began to buy different toolsets and machinery by himself to make a deal at auctions. Afterward, Dave began to move those things in Orange County, California, in army installation stores.

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Back that time, Dave had a furniture business, however, he was constrained for network benefit at the Altruism Store, he understood his potential in the matter of capacity unit. Dave needs to do that net benefit due to a drinking and driving case in 2005.

To start his own business Dave sold his dad five years collection so that he can gain money.

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Furthermore, In  2010 Hester showed up on the TV indicate 'Storage Wars Wars'. Dave epithet in the show is 'The Mogul'.

He was highlighted on the show for 3 seasons. After his end from the show, he sued the maker for their aimless end and was later exploded backward with an expense of $96,000.


He has been in a debate when there were question and battles amid his spell on "Storage Wars" with Brandon and Darrell Sheets.

After his battle with the show "Storage Wars," he said that the show is phony. He has a been granted as the expert barker in the year 1992.

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