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American Lawyer Asha Rangappa Has a Son, Yet Doesn't Want to Reveal About Her Husband?

Published Sun Jul 07 2019 By Jasmine
American Lawyer Asha Rangappa Has a Son, Yet Doesn't Want to Reveal About Her Husband?

Asha Rangappa, the first-ever Indian-American woman to graduate from the Quantico Academy to become an FBI agent, is the definition of breaking stereotypes and inspires thousands of women worldwide.

Even though she has put herself out to the world as an exemplification of redefining boundaries, she still chooses to conceal her personal life from the limelight carefully.

The Identity of the Father of Asha Rangappa's Children is still Unknown

Asha Rangappa was an FBI agent specializing in counterintelligence investigations. It is therefore not surprising to see her utilize her skills in her real life.

Asha Rangappa in her FBI uniform
Asha Rangappa in her FBI uniform

source: Elle

After giving birth to a  son, Asha admits to being married but is still reluctant to reveal the identity of her husband.

Some of her Twitter followers suspect her colleague Andrew Todd to be her husband. However, the couple is yet to confirm the news officially.

Is Asha Rangappa still with Her Mysterious Husband?

Asha Rangappa has been currently juggling her life between being a lawyer, a lecturer at Yale University and a single mom.

The news about Asha's divorce with her mysterious husband started rising On 26 May 2018. She has confirmed that she is now a divorcee.

Interestingly, even after her divorce, she is still not willing to reveal the identity of her now Ex-husband.

Asha Rangappa Finally Reveals about her Past Relationships

While Asha Rangappa is always very careful to conceal any highlights on her personal life, she has given out a few pieces of information about her relationships on various occasions.

After graduating from Yale Law school, Asha got into the Quantico Academy, but only a few days before joining the academy, she had a terrible car accident.

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In an interview with The Princeton Campus Life, she discloses that she was with her "boyfriend at the time" when the accident happened.

Through the same interview, she also opens up about how she met her husband(now ex-husband).

He was an air force academy graduate who was constantly supportive of Asha, helped her overcome her physical setbacks caused by the car accident. She was able to sustain in the Quantico because of his assistance.

she said" I found people who could help me. This is actually how I met my husband. He was an airforce academy grad who lived down the hall. He started assisting me with push-ups."  

Asha admittedly did not feel like she could endure the harsh requirements of the Academy and felt hopeless always.

Therefore we can all see why she fell for the supportive nature of the air force grad and eventually tied knots with him.

Asha Rangappa: A Super Agent turns into a Super Mom

Even though the reason behind Asha Rangappa's marital split is still a mystery, she hasn't given up on all the aspects of her marriage.

Asha Rangappa with her son
Asha Rangappa with her son

source: marriedwiki

Asha seems to be happy with the experience of motherhood and loves her children. She had two children with her Ex-husband: a son named Paras Nikhil Todd and a daughter whose name is yet to be revealed.

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Asha was very open and fierce about the issue of her now 12-year-old son, who was bullied in school. She posted on Twitter that her son was on the verge of jumping off a window when he felt unable to deal with his fourth-grade bullies.

The former undergrad student from Princeton University also stated that public shaming was not sufficient punishment for bullies and that it did not do justice to the harm they inflict.

Asha Rangappa speaks against bullying
Asha Rangappa speaks against bullying

source: twitter

Irrespective of Asha's choice to hide the identity of her children's father, she is without a doubt an amazing single mother and is conducting the role of a parent with perfection.