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home gossip American Journalist Mary Padian Earns Enough to Live a Lavish Life: What About Her Net Worth?

American Journalist Mary Padian Earns Enough to Live a Lavish Life: What About Her Net Worth?

Published Tue Jul 09 2019 By admin
American Journalist Mary Padian Earns Enough to Live a Lavish Life: What About Her Net Worth?

Mary Padian is a 38-years-old American TV personality and a journalist, best known for her appearance in A&E Network reality show Storage Wars. She is also an entrepreneur and runs the online shop full of antiques and old junks that she turns into something useful named as Mary’s Finds.

The result of her hard work through her career in Storage Wars has been the reason for her decent amount of earning, to live comfortably. She wasn't always this popular as a journalist or a media person. She was passionate about working in magazines but her net worth rose when she became a TV person on Storage Wars.

Before joining the cast of the show, she was only an entrepreneur in her hometown which wasn't earning her much money and because of that she decided to close it after 2 years of opening. Eventually, she ended up being a TV person and her shop is still running via online.  

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Mary Padian's Journey From D Home Magazine to Storage Wars 

When Padian was in high school, she worked for D Home Magazine as an intern and from that experience she developed the passion to follow her career in Magazines. She also has worked in Architectural Digest Magazine after she graduated in photojournalism in 2003. It can be said that she certainly made some money to be stable on her own for quite a few years from these two sources.

CAPTION: Photoshoot for Storage Wars 
SOURCE: D Magazine

Later, when she came back in her hometown, she opened up a store colleting her treasures which included refurbished furniture, home decors that are one of a kind. After 2 years, when she decided to close the shop, she was offered the chance to appear on the reality show Storage Wars.

In 2012, she made her first appearance on Storage Wars leaving the mark of a skilled woman in finding treasures from junks. Mary Padian’s net worth as of 2019 is around $600 thousand.

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With the help of her acting skills and from the profession of being from the journalism background, she appears in the TV show as a bright person. Also, the TV show Storage Wars serves her the amount of $450,000 for each season.

The shop she owned before joining the cast of Storage Wars is still run through online website and it seems that she earns a suitable amount of money from it as she hasn’t closed it down yet.

If we go through her Instagram account, there are many pictures where she is promoting her business i.e. Mary’s Finds.

Expense She Can Afford Due to Her Net Worth

She has also posted pictures showing her Mercedes Benz GS50 which is worth up to $120,000. The house is located in Mystic sun Ariz, New York, designed with lavish interior which indicates that she is living her life in posh style. 

What Inspired Mary Padian to Work on Storage Wars?

Mary Padian was born on 24 August, 1980 to her parents, John Gerard Padian and Teresa Ann Padian. Her father’s profession as an operator of a junkyard contributed in Mary Padian’s career. Since her childhood she has been involved in making pieces of art from junks that she got her hands on. I think her childhood habits and memories gave her the idea of starting Mary’s Finds.  

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On the show, she is full of creative ideas and has the nickname of “The Junkster”; she is seen as someone who would find old junks to turn it into something meaningful and looks for a positive side to everything. Her personality servers her right in both of her professional career i.e. TV show and business.

Her Journey on Storage Wars

Her pursue in Journalism gave her the edge of being in the media profession. She worked in different magazines along with keeping her habit of collecting antiques and turning it into arts as one of kind.   

In the first season of Storage Wars, she made a guest appearance and then in the second season she was cast as the official member of the show. As time passed, she made her look a stable and professional business woman which gave her the benefit of being cast in original Storage Wars Series.