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home gossip American Gamer Marcus Hill AKA Dyrus Dating Any Girlfriend? His Affairs and Rumors

American Gamer Marcus Hill AKA Dyrus Dating Any Girlfriend? His Affairs and Rumors

Published Tue Mar 12 2019 By admin
American Gamer Marcus Hill AKA Dyrus Dating Any Girlfriend? His Affairs and Rumors

Professional video gamer Marcus Hill, globally known as Dyrus has had a successful career in the field of gaming. He has participated in many gaming tournaments and won many of them. Aside from that, he also streams video games in his twitch channel.

League of Legends was what he used to play in his tournaments and got very successful in it. Since he is retired from it now, streaming in his twitch channel and selling merch, partnering with other brands is what he currently does for his living.

Gamers have a long history of being single but with Dyrus at the very least, that's not the case.

Who is Dyrus currently dating?

This professional video gamer is not like other, but not very different than other either. He hasn't had many numerous girlfriends as other celebrities do but from his Twitter biography, it can be confirmed that he currently has one.

CAPTION: Dyrus's twitter bio screenshot

SOURCE: Twitter

Yes, that's right. The former professional gamer is currently dating a girl called Emiru. Emiru is also like Dyrus, a video gamer. They, in fact, met through video games at first which sounds crazy, to be honest.

Dyrus and Emiru's story:

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Emiru first wanted to play games because didn't have many friends and most of her friends went to another school. As a matter of fact, the first computer game she ever played happens to be League of Legends, same as Dyrus's. 

As she got more into the game, She started going to tournaments where she saw Dyrus for the first time. She liked Dyrus from the first time and spent time watching videos which she explains in her video below. Then, She and Dyrus started talking in Twitter dm and they got more into each other.

In the video below, She explains how her and Reckful's story broke out of proportion even though it was just a rumor but that helped her a lot in her twitch since she started getting a lot of views.

Then she moved in with Dyrus with her computer and a suitcase but on the back of her mind, she was scared if she fell in love with him then if he didn't love her back, she would be broken.

They both liked each other but they wouldn't ask each other out because they were scared but Dyrus comes to her and asks her to be his girlfriend and which is how they ended up being up in a relationship. They have been dating for around 3 years now.

Here is a video of Emiru explaining how they ended up dating: