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home gossip American Former Drug Trafficker George Jung Was One Married to Mirtha Jung; Know About His Family and Daughter

American Former Drug Trafficker George Jung Was One Married to Mirtha Jung; Know About His Family and Daughter

Published Tue Mar 12 2019 By admin
American Former Drug Trafficker George Jung Was One Married to Mirtha Jung; Know About His Family and Daughter

George Jung is a 76-year old previous medication trafficker and dealer. Amid the 1980s, he was one of the real individuals in the cocaine exchange. The whole occasions of Jung's life were depicted by Johnny Depp in his biopic titled Blow in 2001.

Was George Jung Once Married to Mirtha Jung?

talking about George Jung relationship, George Jung and Mirtha Jung got married in 1977, in the fact of George relationship with Mirtha, they were a wonderful couple ever, where they both live happily as well as he was very much love with his wife. furthermore, Mirtha was the only women George ever loved.

George share about life on twitter,

Despite having a baby daughter named(Kristina sunshine Jung) in his first year of marriage Mirtha was addicted to drugs and she couldn’t change her lifestyle, she even had to spend time for drug involvement.

after that, she decided to get divorced when George was in jail. suddenly, no one knows divorced 7 years after in 1984 having given birth to a daughter.  However, George moved on with his life and he is currently married to Ronda Clay Spinello Jung.

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well, Lots of people are interested in the life of George Jung story. therefore, His fans get curious about his early days, smuggling career and love-life .well illustrated in his biography George movie named Blow as well as in its film version show related to his family life. To know more information about his marriage, family life and his children, continue to read below. George Instagram

The fact behind the George and Mirtha divorced?

CAPTION: George Jung alongside her ex-wife Mirtha Jung


Mirtha Jung is a private individual. Her name wound up regular in the mass because of her association with George.

There were bits of gossip about her demise yet the gossipy tidbits weren't valid.

furthermore, George and Mirtha both involved in drug Mirtha dedicated to getting divorced.

fact about George daughter/did she went to met George in jail? 

Kristina Sunshine Jung, conceived on August 1, 1978, is a business person, less - known on-screen character and self-declared writer.

After the separation of her parents, Kristina lived with her mom. Life was difficult to live without the affection for her dad.

in fact of, she never talks about her career, currently, she is running a business, her dress brand "BG Apparel and Merchandise."

though, Her father has spent a considerable amount of time in jail and was released in 2014

CAPTION: Kristina sunshine with her father George Jung


well, Kristina didn't involve in any social media, here is the last post of Kristina on facebook.

CAPTION: last post of Kristina sunshine on facebook

SOURCE: celebtattler

Kristina Never Visited Her Dad on Jail

Her mom Mirtha removed her care and kept her from her dad's shadow.
In the biopic, performing artist Emma Roberts, who assumes the job of Kristina, never visited her dad in jail, yet as a general rule, Kristina did regularly visit her dad.

George Jung, the inspiration behind the movie  'blow', says prison save his life

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