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American Boxing Advisor Al Haymon's Earning From His Profession and Net Worth He Has Achieved

Published Tue Mar 12 2019 By admin
American Boxing Advisor Al Haymon's Earning From His Profession and Net Worth He Has Achieved

AL Haymon is a famous American Boxing advisor, manager, and promoter. Al Haymon who is best known for managing skills and advisor to boxer Floyd Mayweather, he has also managed several other high profile boxers and has become one of the influential people in the boxing business.

Being one of the top managers and managing various superstar of the combat sports industry, earning from his works have accumulated into huge net worth. So, this article is about his overall income and net worth from his profession.

Al Haymon's Earnings From Boxing 

Al Haymon from his management of top fighters has earned a considerable amount of money. Haymon entered boxing in 2000 when at that time, he working with the Vernon Forrest.

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Al Haymon later got licensed in Nevada as a manager and got into the promotion of the boxing. Subsequently, he established a deal with his biggest client, Floyd Mayweather Jr. Al looks after and manages all of Mayweather's contracts with the Top Rank Boxing which he managed for about $750,000.

CAPTION: Al Haymon with Boxer Floyd Mayweather

SOURCE: Heavybagboxing

Haymon has also managed several other famous boxers such as Amir Khan, Dana Garcia, Gerald Washington, Artur Beterbiev and many others.

In October 2018 Manny Pacquiao announced a new partnership with Al Haymon's premier Boxing Champions. 

Al Haymon started from his Music Career 

After соmрlеting hіѕ ѕсhооlіng frоm Јоhn Аdаmѕ Ніgh Ѕсhооl in 1973, Haymon enrolled in Наrvаrd Unіvеrѕіtу аnd mајоred іn Есоnоmісѕ. He also has Маѕtеrѕ оf Вuѕіnеѕѕ Аdmіnіѕtrаtіоn dеgrее from Harvard.

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He began his career in Music promotion where he promoted music performances such as M. C. Hammer, New Edition, Whitney Houston, Janet Jackson, and Mary J. Blige, and Mary J. Blige he expanded out to other entertainment sectors, such as when he worked with Eddie Murphy.

What is Al Haymon's Net Worth?

After managing numerous high profile boxers it is not surprising that  Al Haymon has made considerable wealth. It is estimated that Haymon has an estimated net worth of $15 million but there are many rumors that he has a lot more than that. 

CAPTION: Premier Boxing Campion

SOURCE: Sporting News
Hayon also founded his enterprise Premier Boxing Champions, the company represents some of the top athletes in the world and focuses on giving them the best possible management and help there is. It held its debut event in 2015.
According to Gazette Review, Al Haymon is ranked fifth richest in the top 5 richest boxing promoters.

Al Haymon's Awards and Recognitions

After entering the Boxing sports in 2000, Al Haymon has been turned out to be one of the successful men in this business. Haymon has managed many boxers who have gained huge success in their career and as a result, he has been awarded for his works. 

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Haymon won the Al Buck Award (Manager of the Year) from the Boxing Writers Association of America in 2003 and 2013.