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74 Years American Sportscaster Al Michaels' Salary and Net Worth He Has Managed From His Profession

Published Tue Apr 30 2019 By admin
74 Years American Sportscaster Al Michaels' Salary and Net Worth He Has Managed From His Profession

Been working in a television career for about 50 years, Al Michaels now owns multi-million dollars property and is currently working in NBC Sports as a sportscaster. Al was born in Brooklyn, New York in a Jewish family, and is currently residing in Santa Monica, California. 

Al Michaels has worked as a play-by-play announcer in a huge number of games in his entire career. Therefore it will not be surprising to know that his net worth is almost equal to some of the popular sports person. If you want to know more about his salary and his total net worth, then you're in the right place. 

Al Michaels Has a Net Worth of $30 Million USD 

Al Micheals is working in the profession of sportscaster for several decades and thus it is obvious to learn that his net worth is $ 30 million USD as of 2019. Initially, he worked as a color commentator in his early working days for the Los Angeles Lakers. After a few years, he worked in several National Football League games such as ABC's Monday Night Football

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He spent about 2 decades in Monday Night Football working as a play-by-play caster, before moving on to NBC Sunday Night Football. He spent about a decade in Sunday Night Football and is currently loyal to that Superbowl game. Thus when he starts working in a game he becomes loyal to it and works for an extended period of time. 

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Al Michaels is Among The Highest Paid Sports Announcers in Super Bowl Games

Al Michaels works as a sportscaster in Super Bowl Games which is considered the most watched game in the United States. Thus being involved in such a popular game will obviously give him the benefit of the higher pay scale than commentators for other sporting events. Thus you may want to know what is the annual salary of Al Michael?

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Michaels's annual salary is around $6 million USD. His salary is not only considered higher in comparison to commentators in other sporting events but also is considered one of the highest among other commentators working in Super Bowl Leagues. Along with Michaels, Jim Rome, Bob Costas, and Joe Bucks are also some of the highest paid sportscasters in his field. 

Is Al Michaels Thinking of Retiring From His Career? 

Al Michaels's fans must have thought that at the age of 74 he might retire soon and change his source of income in the future. But Michael is highly enthusiastic regarding his career and has no plans whatsoever about leaving the National Football League. In 2014, Richard Deitsch interviewed Michael regarding his retirements plan and this is what he replied, in his exact words:

"In my brain, I feel 19. I’m a rascal in my head. I like to have fun, I like to laugh. I have great pals and colleagues in the business. So a couple of things here: No. 1 is health, and knock on wood, I have stayed healthy. I don’t like to travel but that is part of the deal. Nothing is perfect. I still love the games. I have been a sports fan since I was six years old. I find them exciting. I love competition at the highest level in any sport, which is what the NFL is. I love strategy and drama, that still excites me. When a game is really good I am still excited as I ever was."

CAPTION: Al Michaels on a NFL game getting ready for commentary

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Thus we can assure that Michael will not retire from the NFL and his net worth will further increase in the coming future. This highly renowned commentator will be the center of attraction in Super Bowl Games for many years and consequently, his salary could also increase within a few years. 

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