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63 Years American Actress Whoopi Goldberg Married Several Times, But She Has Only One Daughter

Published Tue Mar 12 2019 By admin
63 Years American Actress Whoopi Goldberg Married Several Times, But She Has Only One Daughter

Famous television personality and host Whoopi Goldberg who is has married several times but is still single are again on headlines for her rumored affair. She is a mother to a beautiful daughter named Alex Martin with ex-husband Alvin Martin. She first married Alvin Martin in 1973 after which later she separated from her husband after six years of marriage.

Even with the failure in personal love life, today Whoopie is considered among one of the most successful females of her industry. For her achievements and hard work, everyone looks at her with respect in the first place.

How is the relationship among mother and child?

Although Whoopi married many times she still has a single daughter only and maybe because of that she loves her daughter a lot. Both mother and daughter are quite often seen visiting the local outing places. Apart from that as per unidentified source, both Whoopi and  Alex are currently residing together from some time.

CAPTION: Whoopie Goldberg with her daughter Alex Martin

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Whoopie Goldberg's Affairs and Marriage Sequence

The reason behind the first divorce of Whoopi with her husband Alvin Martin

Although it was a love marriage between Whoopi and Alvin still they couldn’t sustain their marital life. There were many rumors regarding the failure of the marriage, some said marriage failed due to the ego of both husband and wife, while some said Whoopi had an extramarital affair and many more. Although the exact reason is not defined but still during an interview with a journalist it was stated that Whoopi blames herself for the failure of her marriage.

Who is the new one Whoopi dating with?

After the unsuccessful first marriage, Whoopi seems alone during that time rumors aired that Whoopi is dating the famous cinematographer David Claessen and all those rumors came to be true when Whoopi tied the knot with the same Cinematographer on September 1, 1986.  But unfortunately, this relation also couldn’t last very long and end with a split in 1988.



But Whoopie said that she has no words to speak about her marriage and affairs rumors. Instead, she believes in continuing her work as accordingly.

Yet again another dating rumor.

It wasn’t even that much big time after the split of Whoopie with her husband David there was another relationship rumor in the town. This time it was a union organizer named Lyle Trachtenberg with whom Whoopie was seen in public places and restaurants quite often. Yet again people started talking that Whoopie is planning her another marriage with Lyle.

Soon on October 1, 1994, Whoopie announced her marriage with the same guy Lyle Trachtenberg and gave unexpected surprise to her fans and followers. But it is said, “No matter how hard you try if something is not made for you then you can’t have it”. Thus yet another time Whoopie announced her split with Lyle Trachtenberg just after one year of her marriage in 1995.

There is no end to rumors.

Even after three consecutive failure of marriage the media again linked with many people among which some were known faces like Frank Langella, Timothy Dalton, and Ted Danson. But Whoopie neither accepted them openly nor denied. But one thing that was sure that Whoopie seems to have lost hope from marriage. Maybe because of that three marriage failure one after another she even didn’t try for next attempt.


Whoopie Goldberg at present

At present context Whoopie is busy in her professional life and even is seen spending time with her lovely daughter Alex. In the meanwhile her daughter is also a young girl now ready to step ahead in her career.

Despite all these Whoopie’s popularity and her work has provided her with a good amount of property worth $45 million.