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55 Years American TV Personality Laura Ingraham Has Thee Children; Is She Married or Dating Someone?

Published Tue Mar 12 2019 By admin
55 Years American TV Personality Laura Ingraham Has Thee Children; Is She Married or Dating Someone?

Contrary to the American trend, Laura has never been married and obviously not divorced but has three kids.

She has dated quite a few people and got engaged once, know more about the unique personal life of Laura.

Laura Ingraham giving a speech
Source: mercurynews

Laura Ingraham's Family and Children:

Born in this world to mother Anne Caroline and Father James Frederick Ingraham III.Her maternal grandparents immigrated to America from Poland and her father was a mix of English and Irish ancestors.

Laura with her children
Source: conservativefighters

She was originally a believer in the Baptist neo-tradition but converted to Roman Catholic faith. She also studied Russian and has adopted two kids from Russia who are her younger children.

She has a daughter who is the eldest of her children, was adopted from Guatemala. She has no children of her own.

Laura Ingraham's Personal Life and Relationships:

She dated broadcaster Keith Olberman formerly and was in a relationship former New Jersey Democratic Senator Robert Torricelli. About 13 years ago she announced her engagement to the businessman from Chicago named James V. Reyes.

Laura with Dr.D'souza
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Together with this news, it was revealed that she was battling breast cancer and underwent breast cancer surgery. In May of 2005, it was made public that her engagement with James was off.

As of now, it is not known whether she is planning to tie the knot with anyone anytime soon and is currently single.

Laura Ingraham's Controversies:

Regarding Homosexuality:

Laura has been described by some people as "anti-homosexual" and "homophobic" because of her controversial views on the LGBTQ people. She went to an LGBTQ meeting undercover and received huge criticism for it.

Laura defending her homophobic comments
Source: mercurynews

But she claims to have changed her vies on the homosexual people after witnessing how well and with how much courage her brother and his partner dealt with the dreaded sexually transmitted disease, AIDS.

She states that she supports the union of two same-sex individuals in a court of law but believes that marriage is between people of the opposite sex.

Regarding the Stoneman Douglas High School:

Together with this, another controversy stirred up by Laura was when she made fun of David Hogg who was the survivor in the horrific incident. Due to her insensitive comments made by her, many of the sponsors boycotted Laura and cut off sponsorship and the advertising time for her shows dropped up to 52%.

As a matter of fact, her ratings, however, peaked after her pre-planned vacation but she did not receive her sponsorships from blue-chip companies, reaching out more to the viewers between 25-54 age group.

Comments made on Kevin Durant and LeBron James:

Again, Laura made another set of controversial comments when she said that people shouldn't ask for advice from players who get paid $100 million a year to bounce a ball. She was called out by many people for her remarks. She stated that:

"It's always unwise to seek political advice from someone who gets paid $100 million a year to bounce a ball" and that the basketball stars should "shut up and dribble."

This led to LeBron James making a documentary series to help change the role of athletes in politics named "Shut Up and Dribble".

Laura making comments on NBA stars in politics


Views on Immigrants: 

She has also expressed her views that she doesn't really like immigrants and has been called by some as having "white anxiety".